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Supermarket Accident Claims

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    Supermarket Accident Claims | No Win No Fee

    Supermarket Accident Claims

    What to do after being injured in a supermarket

    Supermarket accident Claims Slips trips  and fall accidents happen almost daily in supermarkets. While supermarket accidents are pretty usual, they are not the only cause of supermarket accident compensation claims.

    It is the responsibility of market owners to make sure the shoppers stay safe. If you got injured because the owner didn’t take care of the market, then you have legal rights to claim the owner.

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    Making a claim using no win no fee

    The most expert legal advisor offers a No Win No Fee based agreement which means if you don’t win, you don’t need to pay your advisor’s legal fee. They will tell your chances of a successful claim for supermarket injury. Will be charged The legal fee. Suppose you win a claimed maximum of 25% of the compensation amount.

    Types of supermarket Accident Claims

    There may be many hazards that can cause injuries, especially if health and safety guidelines are not followed. Common causes of injuries :

    • Damaged grocery carts
    • Bunched, improperly positioned, or missing floor mats
    • Slippery floors from leaks and spills
    • Faulty entrance and exit doors
    • Items falling from grocery store shelves
    • Aisle obstructions from boxes, pallets, and food
    • Cracked and uneven outside pavement
    • Tainted or spoiled food

    Common types of injuries include:

    Mostly the cause of the slips is wet floors, and cause of trips are general untidiness in the supermarket. However, to keep supermarket management aware of the risks, some Regular risk assessments are necessary to manage them accordingly.

    Was your injury recorded in the accident book?

    In the supermarket, you must record your damage or injury in the accident book. If it is not recorded, you can report the incident of your injury to the manager or customer service desk or by filling out an accident report form. This might seems odd, but having an official record of the incident would help if you want to make a claim.

    Details of accident eyewitnesses if required.

    Take pictures of the accident scene like a wet floor without a warning sign or the damaged pavement in the parking area.

    Legal responsibilities of the supermarket Accident Claims

    Supermarkets do have a legal responsibility to keep their customers safe from any injury that can happen by taking reasonable steps to prevent any accidents on their premises. This liability is covered by many legal Acts but primarily the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974. This duty of care also comes under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957. According to this Act, all owners/occupiers of premises, such as a supermarket, must make those premises reasonably safe for all visitors.

    • Every supermarket has to follow some steps to keep customers safe:
    • Follow the Health and Safety Executive guidelines.
    • Apparent hazards or spillages quickly.
    • Mark hazards or spillages
    • Maintain structures or any equipment to avoid any mishap
    • Keep the environment safe and contamination-free.

    Claiming for someone else (Supermarket Accident Claims)

     someone close to you has involved in an accident, got injured due to a slips  trips and fall then that’s where a lawyer can be of great help for you to make a case. You can claim for anyone close to you and cannot follow the claiming procedure by themselves; lawyers can also assist you in claiming on their behalf.

    When you should make your claim?

    For a strong claim, you should claim as soon as possible. However, you have got three years after the accident (or three years from the date you realize that the supermarket’s negligence causes your injury) to make a claim.

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