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Traffic Accidents claims Scotland

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    Traffic Accidents claims Scotland

    Making a road traffic accident claims

    Traffic Accidents claims Scotland
    Shockingly, road accidents are very normal these days. With an ever-increasing number of vehicles out and about every year, there has been an increase in the number of wounds and causality is also rising.

    Accidents can be kept away from by driving securely and observing the traffic guidelines despite the fact that everyone acknowledges some degree of danger when they get in a vehicle.

    On the off chance that you’ve suffered an injury in a road accident caused by another person’s reckless or perilous driving, you can make a compensation claim. To make a case, your road accident should be caused by another person’s fault.

    In some cases, it may be hard to tell whom to blame, yet a trained expert lawyer will be able to tell you whether you’re probably going to have the option to make a successful claim. You can reach them for free.

    No win no fee road traffic accident claims

    Practically all cases with UK injury legal counselors are made on a no win no fee-based agreement. This implies you will not need to pay any fee if don’t win any claim.

    If you receive compensation, then you pay the legal fee from the amount of compensation that you get. This sum will have been settled upon prior to the beginning of your case. Your compensation will be paid by the insurance agency of another driver, as all drivers are lawfully needed to have insurance before they’re permitted to drive their vehicle. Everyone who gets injured in a road accident has the right to claim compensation.

    For what I can get compensation for?

    A road accident claims Scotland can cause mainly two types of damages: normal damages and special damages.  

    For instance:
    any costs, for example, private clinical treatment, lost earnings, and the expenses of movement while your vehicle is being fixed physical and emotional impacts on you and your family cost of any physiotherapy or other measures cost of travel for medical treatment interim payments to help cover costs before your final compensation payments.

    What to do after a road accident:-

    If possible try to collect: 
    Eye witness account and details Photographs of the location of the accident and any harm to the vehicles.
    details of everyone involved Report it to the police as per Section 170 of the Road Traffic Act 1988

    Compensation claim against uninsured or untraced drivers

    You may be stressed that you will not have the option to make a case since you don’t have the insurance details of another driver.  Sometimes it’s impossible to have the registration number of the other vehicle that caused the accident.

    In such cases, MIB is responsible to pay for your compensation under the Untraced Drivers Agreement or the Uninsured Drivers Agreement.

    Claiming against the Highways Agency (traffic accident claims Scotland)

    All roads and footpaths have to be maintained regularly to ensure the safety of vehicles. Potholes, cracks in roads, poor planning of highway junctions should be taken care of. In case your vehicle hit debris or anything that’s not meant to be on road, then the highway authority will be held responsible for your accident.

    How long do I have to make a case?

    You have three years from the time of the accident to file your case. In the case of children, any litigation friend can file on their behalf till they turn 18. Else, they can file themselves once they turn 18 and until they turn 21. If the accident has left anyone mentally incapable, then they can file compensation claims until they regain their sanity.

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