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    Other Claims

    The process for making a claim

    As the name suggests, people being injured are normally in one-off accidents or over a longer period of time in the workplace. Some cases include medical care, but the fact that the damage would not have happened if someone, somewhere, had not been negligent, is common.

    In most cases, the identity of the negligent party is clear –for example- a car driver who jumps a red light and hits you or the shop owner that failed to clear away the loose wires and litter over which you tripped and fell. In some cases, it may be more complicated. 

     When it comes to seeking compensation the possible complexity and nuances of the law are why it’s vital to turn to a reputable injury solicitor. They will let you know that you have a case to claim, the expert solicitor will work on your case and make it as strong as possible and the no win no fee system means that they will not charge you anything upfront for doing so.

    Claims outside the norm

    It may be that the accident which causes your injury does not fit neatly within one of the more common categories – that is road traffic accidents, slips trips and falls, work accidents, or medical error. The damage in question could be psychological as well as physical – an accident may have caused your panic attacks, distressing flashbacks, and a loss of self-esteem.

    Claims which can be pursued amongst more unusual but less justified are as follows :

    Defective Products 
    You may be able to claim compensation if you buy a product which in some way causes you an injury, and this field is covered by the Consumer Protection Act 1987. 

    School injuries 
    It is taken for granted that children are going to suffer the infrequent jolt, bump, drag and scrape. If the school has failed to give proper care and your loved one is hurt, then you’ve every right to make a compensation claim.

    it will help to inspire your child that their school represents a safe environment to be in. In the three years from 2014 to 2016 more than £7.25m was paid in compensation for injuries to students in England.

    Criminal Injury Claims 
    This claim varies from other claims in that the money is usually claimed from the CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority), a government organization is created with the motive of giving an amount of compensation for the sufferer of crime. It does not matter if the offender has never been caught or charged, or does not have the funds to cover a compensation claim.

    There are a multitude of distinct cases that don’t fit clearly into any of these categories, and what this means is that, if you are hurt in any way and you are not at fault, you should pass on any details of your accident to an expert personal injury solicitor as soon as possible.

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