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Slips Trips and Fall Claims

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    Slips Trips and Fall Claims

    Slips Trips and Fall Claims

    Claiming for a slips trips and fall Claims

    Slips trips and fall Claims are common in public and workplaces. The worst of these types of accidents can prove to be lethal but they can also lead to head injuries, back injuries, fractures, and in the worst-case scenario, paralysis.

    Unlike other cases such as road traffic accident claims, these can be difficult to make, especially as gathering evidence can be quite daunting. It gets difficult, especially if the accident occurred on the street, it is difficult to determine who to claim against.

    If you want to claim for a slip, trip or fall, firstly you must seek legal advice, get contact with a trained legal adviser, or request a call back by filling one of the contact forms. They will be able to let you know whether you have a claim or not. 

    Claiming against your local council

    Your local council has the duty of keeping public spaces, pavements, steps, and walkways in a safe state of repair. These include identifying problems and fixing them, such as, broken, cracked, or dangerously raised surfaces, damaged or missing railings plus inadequate or damaged lighting.

    In a slip trip and fall claims, there is a detailed procedure to follow but your solicitor will pick up an acceptance or denial of liability from the council’s insurance company. They will then seek to negotiate fair compensation for you. 

    Slips and trips in privately owned businesses

    Privately owned businesses such as shops, supermarkets, pubs, and restaurants also have a liability to keep you safe from slips and trips when you are on their premises. This refers that they must do things like signpost wet floors clearly, keep walkways or aisles clear, clean up spillages quickly, make sure adequate lighting, and keep railings, stairs, and ramps safe.

    Slips trips and fall Claims at work

    Slips  trips and fall Claims are common at work  especially in the factory, on construction sites, even in offices. Many laws require employers to ensure the health and safety of employees. 

    The HSE (Health and safety executive) says the number of accidents at work is dropping year-on-year, however, the Labor Force Survey showed there were still 581,000 non-fatal injuries to workers. Slips trip or fall in the same place were the most common cause of these, making up 29% of the total. 

    Can I make my claim on a no win no fee basis?

    Yes! – maximum of the slips trips and fall claims are made on a No Win No fee basis.

    This refers to the fact that you won’t have to pay your lawyer any money if your claim won’t go smoothly. You will be charged only when your claim is successful. This charge of the lawyer will have been already discussed, but you can be sure this amount will not be more than 25% of the compensation you receive.

    How long do I have to start a slips trips and fall claims?

    You must claim as soon as possible, while evidence is still fresh. However, You will be able to claim within 3 years of your accident; if not, you might be ‘time-barred’ under the Limitation Act 1980. It means you might not be eligible to claim compensation.

    But this time-barred won’t start if the victim is below the age of 18. Or, If you are claiming on behalf of someone closed, then you can only claim while he or she is below 18 – after that, they will himself be eligible to claim before the age of 21. Or, if you are claiming on behalf of a loved one who is mentally ill, then the 3-year time period does not start until they have regained their mental strength.


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