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    Sport Injury Scotland

    Can you make a sports injury claim?

    Sport Injury Scotland
    Every sport carries some level of risk, accidents are common in sports, but where your injury is somebody else’s mistake, you can claim compensation.

    Many circumstances can lead to sports injuries, but when it comes to players, injury can be a result of;

    • Improper tackle
    • Poor coaching
    • Unmaintained fields and equipment
    • Violent behaviour

    You can suffer injury even as a spectator. Sports injuries can occur as a result of;

    • Game riots
    • Gaming equipment
    • Cars veering off track
    • Poorly maintained stadiums or grounds

    If you are doubtful about your claim, contact our expert legal advisor for free. They will discuss your incident with you, and then they will let you know whether they think you can make a successful claim.

    What compensation can I claim?

    The compensation you can claim depend upon your damage.

    • In General Damages case, you will get-
    • Compensation for any pain, suffering, and loss of convenience you have suffered as a result of your injury.
    • Compensation to cover any daily activities that can no longer carry out due to the injury.

    In the Special Damages case, you will get:

    Compensation to cover any losses you have suffered as well as any following expenses to trial. The amount will be fixed by the evidence you have provided in the shape of documentation, receipts, and statements.

    For Future Losses:

    Costs for housing modifications, equipment, and care are also considered and calculated into the compensation claim.

    The courts can also give a financial award, which considers that a person’s condition is no longer the same as before due to the injury suffered. A fight for compensation may seem daunting, but this compensation can assist you in getting things back on track, just like before.

    Types of sports injury claims

    Every sport carries some level of risk of injury, but by giving the right level of care and attention to those around you, some damages can be excluded.

    Team sports

    Team sports are more at risk because of the number of players. Popular team sports like rugby, football, and cricket can cause severe damages. But most accidents happen due to unfair play by the opponent or by assault if the opponent is acting aggressively. Usually, damages involve ligament or tendon damage, leg injuries, head injuries, or whiplash.

    Horse riding injuries

    Stables and trekking centers are responsible for making sure you have the excellent equipment and training you require to ride safely. If you are given poor instruction or have faulty equipment like tack, safety hats, girth, or reins, the result can be critical.

    Gym injuries

    Gym owners and staff are responsible for making sure the equipment is adequately maintained and safe for use. Otherwise, injuries can occur – for example, if weights machines, treadmills, or benches break while you are exercising on them.

    Injuries as a spectator (sport injury Scotland)

    Most people think only players can be injured in sports injury – but every person present at a match comes under sports injury, including people watching.

    You can suffer injury even as spectators, sports injuries can occur as a result of;

    • Game riots
    • Gaming equipment
    • Cars veering off track
    • Poorly maintained stadiums or grounds

    How we can help?

    If you have been involved in a sports accident, and you were an innocent victim of that accident, it is likely a solicitor can assist you in making a claim compensation.

    There are several ways a solicitor can be helpful:

    • Assist you in gathering all the paperwork and evidence
    • Transfer with the relevant parties to try and win you out-of-court settlements
    • We will be with you each step of the way and speak on your side in court.

    If you want to claim, contact our trained legal advisor for free. After discussing your case, they will be able to tell you whether you have a claim or not.

    What evidence will I need?

    If you have been involved in a sports accident and suffered an injury through playing or watching a sport, you can claim. To strengthen your case if you need to provide:

    • Photos of the location;
    • Photos of your damage;
    • Details of the event;
    • The name of the person or organization you feel is responsible for your injury;
    • The names and addresses of any witnesses.

    How long will my claim take?

    No one can tell the exact time a claim takes. How long will your claim take will depend on factors, such as:

    • How serious your injury is;
    • The circumstances of the accident;
    • How long it takes to get medical reports;
    • Whether the other side accepts liability.

    Could solve it straightforward case where liability is accepted in just some months; otherwise, it may take a longer time.

    No one can tell the exact time a claim takes. But once an experienced solicitor has heard about your case, he can give you an idea of how long it will take.


    You can make your claim on a no-win-no-fee basis, which means you will be charged when your claim is successful. There is no financial risk in this claim. If you win, you have to give your solicitor’s fee of 25% of your compensation.

    What if the injury was partly your fault?

    Even if the injury was partly your fault, you might be able to claim some compensation as long as somebody else was also involved and it was his initial fault. It is called ‘contributory negligence.

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