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Carpal Tunnel Claims

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    carpal tunnel claims

    Compensation Claims for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

    Carpal tunnel Claims syndrome is a kind of repetitive strain injury. Those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome are regularly awoken due to Pain in their hands.

    The median nerve controls the sensation and movement within the hand. The problem occurs when it gets suppressed. The nerve runs through a passage on the palm side of your wrist called the ‘carpal tunnel’, and that’s why this condition is called carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Carpal tunnel Claims)

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can be caused by: –

    • Medical conditions like pregnancy
    • Repetitive movements of your hands or wrists because of using vibrating tools
    • Repeated pressure on the bottom of the palm, over the carpal tunnel
    • Frequently lifting or moving heavy objects
    • Repeatedly bending the wrist

    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Compensation Claim

    If you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, you can make a compensation claim. Negligence by a third person must be proved to claim the compensation. First, you should seek professional advice from a Personal Injury Specialist to help you decide the compensation claim, collect evidence, and file the process. At injury claims in Scotland, we work with partners that specialize in Personal Injury and will be able to obtain the maximum compensation for your claim.

    For a compensation claim for Carpal Tunnel injuries, the following negligence must be proved:

    • Bad working conditions.
    • Lack of safety equipment.
    • Insufficient breaks from vibrating machinery.
    • Lack of training.
    • Inappropriate risk assessments.

    What Compensation Can Be Claimed For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

    There are two specific forms of compensation relevant to personal injuries and carpal tunnel Claims. General damages can be like mental trauma, Pain, and Life-changing injuries.

    While each carpal tunnel claims would be treated on a case-by-case basis, some guidelines cover compensation amounts for carpal tunnel syndrome injuries.

    If the Carpal tunnel injury recovers within three years, the compensation amount ranges between £1,700 to £8,000.

    If a Carpal Injury symptom keeps reappearing, then compensation can range between £11,000 to £13,000.

    If there is a permanent disability, then the compensation ranges from £17,000 to £18,000.

    The compensation amount can vary further depending on the following circumstances: –

    Loss of earnings.

    • Loss of future earnings.
    • Additional transport expenses for future medical travels.
    • Adaptions to the house as per disable person movement.
    • Medical expenses incurred at present
    • Future medical expenses.
    • So, if the damages are short term, then the compensation will be lesser.
    • However, if damages are long term or permanent, then the compensation can go considerably higher.

    How can injury claims in Scotland help you?

    Our personal injury solicitors are very friendly and will help estimate the compensation amount claimed after assessing the damage incurred.All our partners work on a No Win No Fee basis where your chosen solicitor will only charge a fee.

    if you win the compensation claim and only from your compensation amount. So, we take your headache away without any financial burden. Our personal injury lawyers are just a call away and can be reached out anytime during work hours.

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