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Dental Negligence Claims Scotland

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    Dental Negligence Claims Scotland | No Win No Fee

    dental negligence claims Scotland

    Claiming Compensation for Dental Negligence

    Dental Negligence claims Scotland
    Most dentists have to be good at their job as it demands high accuracy. However, even the best medical practitioners may have a lapse of concentration. Any fault in dental treatment may cause serious pain. If you suffered an injury at the dentist’s hospital, you could start a compensation claim for dental negligence.

    Now, first, you have to decide if you can make a claim. If you have any doubts, you can consult our trained legal expert and get free advice.

    Types of dental negligence

    Dental negligence Claims Scotland can be of the following types: –

    1. Incorrect or delayed diagnosis (for example, of oral cancer)
    2. Mistakes during cosmetic dentistry
    3. Injury to the nerves in the mouth
    4. Extraction of the wrong tooth
    5. Scarring of the face or mouth
    6. Damage to a root canal
    7. General damage to teeth

    Any dental injury can have long-lasting effects on your physical and mental health. So, it’s your right to file a claim. You can call our expert free to get some advice now.

    Claiming against NHS dentists

    If an NHS dentist caused you injury, then they are likely to be represented by NHS Resolution. More than 96% of claims are settled outside court if handled by NHS Resolution as per records. Rights as per NHS constitution:

    1. Complain and claim dealt efficiently and with a full investigation
    2. Know the outcome of investigations
    3. Take your case to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman
    4. Receive compensation amount in case of negligence

    Claiming against private dentists (Dental Negligence Claims Scotland)

    If you have suffered an injury in a private dental clinic, you can start a claim. The dentist at fault has to respond to your claim within four months. The dentist will either admit their fault or deny it completely. In that case, you will have to prove the dentist’s fault. Our lawyer will guide and take your case to court.

    Proving your claim

    You have to prove the negligence of the dentist.  includes:

    1. Evidence proving that your dentist accepted you as a patient and agreed to treat you
    2. Evidence proving that your dentist was at fault and showed unprofessionalism.

    Your lawyer will help you prove that the dentist was at fault. Your legal advisor will ask you questions about your experience. Your dentist must tell you about any surgery and all kinds of risks involved. Else, you can file a claim for negligent treatment.

    Duration of the claim process (Dental Negligence Claims Scotland)

    Every dental injury case is different. It’s difficult to tell you how long your claim might take. If your dentist accepts his fault, then you can sort out the claim in a short time via an out-of-court settlement. If they deny it, then the case goes into court, and your lawyer will need to prove using evidence to support your case, causing the delay.

    There may be a possibility that your dentist or the person who treated you has accepted partial responsibility. Your solicitor will have to prove their complete fault or negotiate to accept this partial responsibility.

    Normally, even where you were at fault to a certain extent, you can still receive compensation.

    Dental negligence involving children

    Inadequate dental treatment involving a child can especially be traumatic and could cause a long-lasting fear of dentists, making a child feel even worse. If your loved one has suffered negligent treatment, you can start a claim, especially at the dentist. You can claim until they are 18. Otherwise, up to the age of 21, they can claim themselves.

    To claim on behalf of your child, or even yourself, you can contact our trained legal adviser for free.

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