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Bicycle Accident Claims Scotland

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    Bicycle Accident Claims Scotland

    Bicycle Accident Claims Scotland

    Bicycle Accident Claims Scotland
    Although there are various modes of transport, Bicycle is relatively inexpensive compared to many other travel options. Bicycles keep you fit, and it is good for the environment as you travel around.

    Using bicycles for necessity is expected in the UK; people often want to instill cycling in children. But it is also true that cycling on the same roads on which motor vehicles are driven can be dangerous. Accidents of cyclists due to reckless behavior towards cyclists or lack of visibility keep happening. Reports show that 17,550 cyclists were injured in the UK, with 4,106 being seriously injured, while the accidents sadly killed 99 during 2018.

    One of the most common reasons for accidents is the driver’s failure to look properly, resulting in almost 60% of severe collisions. Most bicycle accidents take place because of another vehicle or a road junction.

    The higher the speed limit, the greater the chances of an accident. Riding on rural roads is also a significant risk for cyclists. In most cases, the clash involved an HGV turning left while the cyclist was travelling straight ahead.

    According to the police, one of the common critical factors in crashes involving HGVs included the ‘vehicle blind spot’ and ‘driving too close to the cyclist .’ according to the police. In 18% of deadly accidents, HGVs pose a particular risk for cyclists.

    Rules can be improved to reduce accidents but changing the behavior of carelessness of other drivers is not possible. One of the factors is that vehicles are increasing on the road of UK, previous year there was an increase of 1.2 per cent, and in 2018 there were 38.2 million licensed vehicles on British roads.

    Injury in Bicycle Accident Claims Scotland

    As other road users are at a higher speed, this makes riding a bicycle even riskier. According to the UK bicycle accident report, 40% of cyclists suffer injuries to their arms and 25% to their legs.

    Fortunately, only 5% of cyclists suffer injuries to their chest and abdomen. According to hospital data of the UK, 40% of cyclists and 45% of child cyclists suffer serious head injuries. The Royal Society published these data for the Prevention of Accidents.

    Compensation for bicycle accident claims Scotland

    Once an accident has happened, no one can reverse what has happened or how it happened. However, Compensation for that injury can help you stand back on your feet and support ongoing care expenses. After all, such injuries can be transformative.

    Bicycle accident claims Scotland

    Suppose, unfortunately, you have been injured in a bicycle accident, and there was no mistake of yours. In that case, you may well be entitled to claim compensation for your injuries following your bicycle accident claims Scotland. Accidents like this can cause long-term pain, distress, and expense, both direct and indirect.

    It would be best if you claimed Compensation because a compensation claim can reduce this unfairness and unnecessary financial burden. As men use bicycles more, so reports show that men are more affected by bicycle accidents. Around 80% of victims are male.

    How to start a bicycle accident claims?

    Please don’t misunderstand, and it is not about cashing in on your accident through making a compensation claim or punishing the other party. It is actually for your help and support; it’s about goodness and ensuring that you don’t have to suffer in the future due to an accident you had been involved in. For a strong claim, you must prove the bicycle accident in question wasn’t your fault and happened because of someone else carelessness.

    Firstly, if you won’t make a claim, you should get in touch with a legal adviser, for that you can contact us for free no-obligation advice. Our legal advisers will let you know whether you are eligible to make a claim or not.

    They will ask you about the details of your accident and give you honest and transparent advice without being forced into making a compensation claim. After that, if you want to proceed forward, they will suggest you an experienced bicycle accident  injury lawyer.

    They will only work on a No Win No Fee basis. You don’t have to pay any legal fees upfront, even if you do not win your case. This is called No win, no fee. You can entirely rely on your solicitor to get your claim to be successful.

    How much Compensation of bicycle accidents claims?

    The primary factor is that you have an accident, and you are suffering both physically and mentally because of that accident. Another factor will be based on the type of accident and severity of your injuries, and how much it cost you.

    For a strong claim, you must gather pieces of evidence, like all records of the accident, traffic cameras, and medical reports and receipts. You can claim for expenses during the accident, and it can include the costs of repairing or replacing your bike, travel costs, medical bills, or any other expanse.
    Your solicitor will assist you in obtaining the evidence required for your claim.

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