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Motorbike Accident Scotland

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    Motorbike Accident Scotland

    types of Motorbike Accident Scotland

    Claiming compensation for your motorcycle crash

    Motorbike Accident Scotland
    Unfortunately, many motorcyclists are subject to poor treatment on our roads. Most of the road users perceive motorcyclists to be a nuisance, and often do not take good care of them, despite their vulnerable state.

    Motorbike accident Scotland are usually caused by outer reasons, so they can be eliminated if roads were properly maintained or other vehicles were more cautious with their driving. However, sometimes motorcyclists are also at fault, but compensation can be made even if there is not directly another person or party present.

    Causes of a motorbike accident Scotland

    Motorbike accidents can occur in various ways, including:

    • The sudden opening of car doors
    • Vehicles who cut off or fail to give way to motorbikes
    • Vehicles who hit motorcyclists from behind

    Regardless of the situation, if you are an innocent victim of any motorbike accident Scotland you are eligible to claim compensation. If you want to make a compensation claim contact a legal advisor for free.

    Can you make a claim for motorbike accident Scotland?

    The principles are simple, no one can tell you for sure until you have discussed your accident circumstances with a legal advisor. If you meet the criteria given below you got yourself a claim;

    • Did your accident occur in the last three years?
    • Was somebody else at fault for it?
    • Were you injured as a result of the accident?

    If your answer is yes, call a legal adviser for free.

    How to know if someone else was to blame for your accident?

    Whom to make a claim against will depend on the circumstances of your accident. although it is very difficult to figure out because of fast driving. However, CCTV photos, bodycam, victim statement or police report can help.

    Motorcycle accident caused by poor road maintenance

    Just like other road users, motorcyclists can also get injured in an accident caused by poor road conditions, unclear junction markings, and unfavorable weather conditions. Nothing can be done about bad weather, but we can do something about poorly maintained roads.

    According to the Highways Act 1980, it is the responsibility of highway authorities to make sure roads are safe. This duty also involves:

    • Clearing spillages and removing debris from roads.
    • Putting out warning signs for hazards, if they cannot be fixed immediately.
    • Repairing potholes or signposting them.
    • Ensuring the roads are secure for general usage.

    If these legal duties are breached, the highway agency can be held to blame for your accident. A similar rule for private roads too.

    Things you need to prove if you want to make against a highway authority:

    • Owed you an obligation of care
    • Breached their duty of care
    • That you were injured as a result

    After suffering from your injury, you don’t need to worry about collecting all the evidence yourself.  your lawyer will help you from claiming to getting compensation.

    Making a claim

    Seeking medical attention is not only a necessary step to take but can provide supportive evidence for your claim too. There are a number of steps that anyone involved in a motorcycle accident could take. these steps include:

    • Gathering evidence:
    • Photographs
    • Victim statement
    • Witness
    • Medical record
    • Police record
    • CCTV footage or cameras
    • Receipt of costs

    Claiming for a fatal motorbike accident Scotland

    If your loved one has been fatally injured in an accident, it is important to seek expert legal help and advice. Although any amount of money can not ever compensate for your loss, it is necessary that surviving family members don’t suffer financial pressures after the death of your close one.

    • Bereavement (i.e. grief.)
    • Dependency – if you relied on them for some or all of your income.
    • Funeral expenses.

    Making a police report after an accident.

    • According to the Road Traffic Act 1988, if your loved one is involved in a motorcycle accident and got injured, you must:
    • Stop and remain at the scene for a reasonable time period.
    • Give your details to anyone with reasonable grounds for asking for that information.
    • Report the accident at a police station
    • You should also tell the police if the accident: Has caused a blockage in the road.

    Rules for motorcyclists (Motorbike Accident Scotland

    Highway Code for motorcyclists:-
    • Wear helmet
    • Never carry more than one passengers
    • Provisional license.
    • Making yourself as visible as feasible from the side and rear.
    • When driving at night, wearing reflective clothing.
    • Maintaining full vigilance on all sides when maneuvering in traffic.
    • Wear eye protection, strong boots, gloves, and protective clothing too.
    Making a joint claim for damage to you and to your bike. It is more often than along with you, your motorbike was also damaged. so, you are eligible to claim for your bike damage and your private injury.

    Claiming for a hit and run accident

    The word hit and run is used to describe an accident where the one who is responsible for the accident flees from the accident scene, and despite appropriate efforts, the vehicle can not be traced. In that case, the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB), will pay your injury compensation. MIB is an organization set up to provide compensation to individuals injured by a hit and run.

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