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Personal Injury Claims Scotland

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    Personal Injury Claims Scotland

    Personal injury claims

    personal injury claims Scotland
    If you have suffered a personal injury that has been caused due to somebody else’s negligence, then you can claim compensation for  personal injury claims Scotland that can help you recover the treatment costs of your injury and the impacts it’s had on your life.

    Can you start a Personal injury claims(Scotland)?

    If you feel, the injury is caused due to the fault of another party, then you should make a claim. You can call our legal expert for free or fill the contact forms on this page.

    Types of personal injury claims Scotland

    It may be really frustrating to suffer injuries that are caused by somebody else mistake. especially when there is a long recovery time or permanent symptoms left. Our personal injury experts can help start a compensation claim for different types of accidents.

    Accidents at work ( personal injury Claims Scotland)

    As per the Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999,  all employers have a ‘duty of care. They have to ensure the safety tools and training you need to be able to perform your job safely. They should also carry out risk assessments to make the work environment as much safe as possible.

    Employers don’t have to suffer financially in case of a claim as they are required by law to take out insurance to cover the costs. Moreover, your employer cant legally fires you for filing a claim against them. If your employer tries to do so or make your life difficult you can start a successful claim for unfair dismissal or constructive dismissal. 

    Road traffic accidents

    If your accident was caused by the fault of another user or it caused due to the failure of the local council or Highway Authority in maintaining the road properly, then again you can start a compensation claim for personal injury

    Medical negligence claims

    If you have suffered injuries due to the negligent behavior, misdiagnosis of a medical professional, then again you can start a medical negligence claim.

    Slips, Trips, and Falls

    You could start a personal injury claim if your accident was caused by Slips, trips, and falls due to the mistake of the owner or manager or a public place – such as a bar, restaurant, shop, or supermarket.

    How much compensation will you receive?

    The amount of compensation is intended to include:

    • Emotional damages, trauma, stress and physical effect of the injury on you.
    • Medical expenses (including private treatment)
    • Loss of earnings or reduced wages due to time off work
    • Travel, rehabilitation, or accommodation costs    
    • Any alterations made to your home
    • Any future impacts on your career or job opportunities

    Building a case for a compensation claim

    You should collect some details that can help in a successful compensation claim. If you can, you should do the following:

    • Details of any witnesses
    • Photos, videos or CCTV footage of the accident scene
    • Details of any injuries to you, and any damage to property
    • Write down the treatment costs, expenses details with receipts

    If you’ve been in a road traffic accident caused by an unknown uninsured driver, the matter should have been reported to the police within 14 days.

    Contributory negligence

    If you are partially responsible for your injuries, the court may still order the defendant to pay you a reduced compensation depending on the extent of your fault.


    Most injury lawyers offer a No Win No Fee agreement. The best thing about no win no fee is that you have no financial liability. You have to pay only if you win a case and that is mostly a relatively small portion of the compensation amount that you receive.

    In case you have any doubts, you can talk to our legal expert for free.

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