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Vibration White Finger Claims Scotland

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    Vibration White Finger Claims Scotland | No Win No Fee

    Vibration White Finger Claims

    The symptoms of Vibration White Finger

    Vibration White Finger Claims
    Vibration White Finger
    (VWF) is a disease caused by using vibrating hand tools and machines for a prolonged period. This disease is also commonly known as Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS). This industrial disease affects thousands of workers across the world. Blood circulation is very badly impacted by vibration white finger disease.

    It also affects the blood vessels, nerves, muscles, hand, wrist, and arm joints. The most common tools that may result in Vibrating White fingers may include concrete vibrators, compactors, pneumatic drills, lawnmowers, jackhammers, sanders, hedge trimmers, and chain saws.

    The whole finger starts turning white down and starts losing sensation.

    Workers are suffering from Vibration white finger disease experience painful spasms or attacks with reduced grip strength. Cold temperature acts as a trigger to the cramps.

    In extreme cases, the victim may be forced to lose their finger or fingers. It can happen if the exposure continues further.

    This disease is sometimes confused with Carpal tunnel syndrome, which is another hand injury that can also cause pain and numbness in the thumbs and fingers and a reduction in grip strength.

    Employers should provide proper protection.

    Some jobs require using power tools, and in such cases, the employer should take preventative measures to ensure VWF doesn’t happen to you. Your employer should provide the comfort and safety of each employee. Employers should allow frequent breaks for such employees, worker shift rotation, and keep warm and dry. Employers should also work on reducing the vibration reduction effect.

    Who is at most risk of Vibration White Finger Disease?

    Construction workers are at the most risk of having Vibration White Finger  as they have to work long hours and have prolonged exposure to vibrations with lesser breaks.

    A tight grip is required while working with vibrating power tools. Having a tight grip on the vibrating tools for an extended period can affect blood circulation. Using vibrating tools can also cause another kind of injuries to the hand.

    Filing a Vibration White Finger Claims Scotland

    If you feel you are suffering from Vibration White Finger Claims Scotland, you should contact an expert personal injury solicitor. An expert solicitor will advise you about your chances. Our panel partners at Consumer Injury Claims offer a No Win No Fee agreement to all clients.
    It means that you will not be required to pay any upfront fees to start your claim. Your solicitor will only charge you once you win your compensation claim. If you lose, you will not be required to pay anything. It also means absolutely no financial risk as we charge only from the amount of compensation.

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