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Spinal Injury Compensation

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    Spinal Injury Compensation

    Spinal Injury Claims

    spinal injury Compensation

    Spinal injury compensation
    A spinal injury can be truly and wholly life-changing. A spine injury can change the way you live, your quality of life and may even end your career. Spinal cord injuries are difficult to heal and are considered incurable. Right now, more than 50,000 people in the UK are living with some paralysis.

    We know that money can’t take away your pain or the trauma for what you have suffered. Still, the compensation claim helps you recover your financial expenses and somehow act as an apology for your damage.

    For an example, it may assist in covering for:

    • the loss of earnings, and the impact on your loved ones.
    • The effect on your daily life and hobbies
    • Your physical ache.
    • Accommodation or travel expenses, including travel to and from appointments.
    • Rehabilitation and medical costs.
    • Adaptations to your house.

    If the accident that affected your spine occurred in the last three years and due to someone else’s fault, you can make a claim. Getting in touch with our expert legal solicitor can help you decide the future of action. The advice is for free, and you are under no pressure to start your claim. You can ask yourself all questions, clear your doubts and begin your claim if you feel like it.

    Types of spinal injuries

    Some types of spinal injuries we can make a claim:

    • Paraplegia: No feeling and movement in the bottom half of the body (e.g. legs)
    • Tetraplegia: All four limbs are paralyzed
    • Neck damages


    Injury to the spinal cord can be critical– it connects most body parts with the brain. So, any damage may result in a loss of motor control and sensation to areas of your body.

    Spinal injuries can have a severe impact on your life

    Any damage to your spine can have devastating impacts that commonly depend on how high or low your spine was damaged.

    Usually, if the upper part of the spine is injured, it can lead to more widespread impacts. It may even cause paralysis. Spinal injuries can also cause phantom pain, control body temperature, low blood pressure, involuntary muscle spasms, loss of bladder and bowel function. It can also hugely affect your mental health and wellbeing. As per a study, more than 20% of people suffering spinal damage also suffer from depression due to reduced leaving hospital following such an injury become clinically depressed.

    How much compensation could you receive?

    The amount can differ from case to case, and the money you receive for your injury can vary, so it can be complicated to tell the exact amount you will receive for your injury.

    However, you can be assured that the solicitor will work hard to get the maximum amount that you deserve for your injury. The amount of compensation will cover the financial expense of your damage (e.g. time off work, medical expenses), and it will take into consideration your physical ache and the impact it has had on your daily life.

    As a rough guideline, we’ve put together a few figures for the types of payout sum of money you may expect from different kinds of back or neck damages.

    Interim payments

    Some amount of compensation can be given before the final settlement amount, it’s called interim payments. This payment is meant to cover the ongoing expenses to keep getting necessary medical attention and care.

    Starting a spine injury claim

    It’s easy to start a spinal injury claim with the help of a legal solicitor. The first step for claim compensation is to get in touch with our expert solicitor for free. To search out whether you would make a case. There is no compulsion that you have to claim when you speak to the expert solicitor. To get a better idea of your condition and the damage, the expert legal advisor will ask some questions. Then, if you decide to go forward, they will pass you on to one of their expert solicitors.

    Claiming on behalf of a loved one

    Seeing your loved ones going through a hard time can be very difficult. Whether they cannot talk comfortably about the incident with us or cannot make a claim, you can ask to assist and make a compensation claim they can still get the amount they deserve.

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