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Leg Injury Claims

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    Leg Injury Claims

    Leg Injury Claims

    Leg Injury Claims
    It is normal to feel anxious and down after an injury. A leg injury can render you dependent on others because your ability to walk is affected. If you have suffered a leg injury, you can be eligible to make a compensation claim if it’s somebody else’s fault. While it won’t take back what had happened, but a compensation claim can help financially, such as paying for private medical treatment, it will help cover the cost of your injury.


    It’s simple to start. You can contact our expert legal adviser for free. They’ll give you many options, answer your queries, and can let you know whether you can make a claim. They’ll advise you to go to the right solicitor for your case.

    Types of a leg injury

     You might be thinking about whether you can claim certain types of leg injuries, but it should be by accident within the last three years and has to be somebody else’s fault.

    Some listed examples of leg injuries are:


    Broken bones: You may have to use crutches if you have got a broken leg. It’s also likely your leg has been in a cast which can be challenging to get on with your daily life, and it can be very uncomfortable as well. In some other cases, it can leave permanent injuries and cause severe fractures, requiring surgery.  


    Ligament and tendon damage: 

    Although ankles are usually affected by sprains, especially if it’s suddenly twisted, a strain can cause pain, muscle spasm, swelling, and limited ability to move the area of injury. It can take months to recover.



     Injuries affecting the leg can sometimes be so severe that the limb has to be amputated. As a result of medical negligence and ignorance of standard care procedures, amputation can happen. This type of injury can affect your life – an expert solicitor gives you proper advice to get a compensation claim to pay for your needs.


    Groin injuries: Injuries to the groin can cause many problems with movements making daily life very tough.

    How will compensation help?

    Compensation can help to cover the expenses of your accident and recovery. It means your legal adviser will consider all costs caused by the accident while filing a claim for you. The compensation amount can help compensate for any future impacts your injury may have on your career. Your compensation is intended to cover:

    • The expenses of private medical treatment, rehabilitation, and medicines
    • Transportation and accommodation costs
    • The emotional impacts
    • For reduced social activities or hobbies post-injury

    Can I make a leg injury claim?

    For a successful claim for your leg injury, you must prove the fault of somebody else.

    So, you can claim if:

    • Someone else was directly responsible for your injury, like a negligent driver causing a car accident.
    • Failure of the city council to maintain pathways, roads resulting in your injury from a slip, trip, or fall.
    • A street or shop failed to signpost and clean up a spillage or tripping hazard.
    • Injury caused by failed or malfunctioning machinery due to low keeps up by a business owner or employer.
    • You can file your leg injury claim within three years of the accident.
    • Children can make a claim any time until they turn 21 years old.

     If you have doubts about going for a claim, a trained legal adviser can let you know. You can contact our adviser for free or fill the online contact form on this page.

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