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Blood Clot Compensation

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    Blood Clot Compensation | No Win No Fee

    Blood Clot Compensation

    What causes blood clots?

    Blood Clot Compensation
    Most of us know somebody who has been affected by the blood clots injury. It’s a widespread presumption that clots of this kind are affected by long-haul flights. Blood clots can also form after surgery when there is minimal movement.

    For example, after a leg injury, you may be unable to move around for an extended period, leading to blood clots forming in the leg. Such clots can be permanent, causing aches in the leg. In some cases, the clots can reach to lungs, causing death.

    If you have undergone any such kind of surgery, your medical team should ensure blood lumps don’t form. It can be done by either prescribing blood-thinning medication or wearing compression stockings all the time.

    What to do after a blood clot?

    If you have been affected by a blood clot and feel it could have been prevented by the medical staff treating you, then you have got every right to seek compensation. Blood clots in the lower leg can result in months of reduced mobility and forever ache and discomfort. It can also impact your present and future daily life.

    In your case, if medical carelessness has been leading to a clot, you can contact our expert legal advisor with all the information about the case. You should specifically mention the particulars of the post-operative treatment given to you. We work on a no win no fee agreement, which means you don’t need to pay anything before your case concludes. It’s a good thing as the expert advisors will only recommend you pursue medical negligence cases only if you have a higher chance of winning.

    Isn't my blood clot simply bad luck?

    When you suffered from a blood clot, it is tempting to blame your destiny. However, it can minimize the complications and consequences of some unavoidable circumstances. Can be avoided Blood clot formation if correct post-surgery treatments like blood thinner or stock compressing are administered. 

    If unluckily you were not given this treatment, or it isn’t done perfectly, then your clot makes a case of blood clot injury compensation claim. An experienced expert medical negligence advisor will suggest to you the best about your chances of making a successful claim.

    How will my compensation be calculated?

    The sum of compensation awarded is based upon various factors like its physical, emotional, and financial impacts on you. The pain, suffering, loss of income, and severity of the blood clots are considered.

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