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Taxi Accident Compensation

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    Taxi Passenger Injury Claims

    Taxi Accident Compensation

    If I was injured in a taxi accident, what should I do?

    Taxi Accident Compensation
    Taxis are an easy way to get around any city and a necessary mode of transportation. However, there are also some disadvantages included. A significant proportion of road traffic accident claims involve taxis and minicabs in the UK because they are on the road more often than other vehicles.

    An accident can happen anywhere and anytime, regardless of the experience and license. Taxi accidents do happen and can leave passengers critically damaged. Suppose you’ve been involved in a taxi accident and got injured, whether as a taxi driver, a passenger in a taxi accident, other motorists, or a walker, and the cause of your injury was not your fault. In that case, you can make a taxi accident claim for compensation.

    If you want to start a claim, you must make your move very carefully. These are the steps you must take to make a compensation claim:

    Firstly you must seek medical attention. It is suitable for your health and claim. Getting a thorough medical checkup means that there is an official record of assisting your case. Then gather as much information as you can about your taxi cab, driver, and company. You can collect some evidence like the contact of others involved in the accident, any witness of the accident, photos of the scene, and your injury.

    After collecting the information and evidence, you must seek the advice of a legal adviser. You can contact a taxi accident legal advisor, preferably one who has handled a similar case before. You can get in touch with our legal advisor for free or by filling a contact form.

    Who do I claim compensation?

    Whom to make a compensation claim against will depend on the details of your case. You could claim from the driver’s insurance company if the accident were the taxi driver’s mistake. If it were another driver’s fault, you would claim from that individual. Regardless of the circumstances, if you are an innocent victim of a taxi accident, you are eligible to claim compensation. Sometimes the accident was caused by poor road conditions, then also you can claim compensation from the local authority because, by the Highways Act of 1980, the local authority has to keep the road safe.

    Taxi companies and drivers owe you a duty of care because you pay them for service. If the accident was poor maintenance of the taxi itself, then the taxi company has breached the law as per Health and Safety at Work. Act 1974 employers have to make sure that employees are safe while at work.

    According to the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, companies must ensure their employees and anyone else who might be victims of their activities.

    According to UK law, a taxi inspection should involve the following:

    • Bodywork
    • Tires
    • Door operation
    • Horn
    • Lights
    • Seat-belts
    • First aid kit
    • Oil and water

    Suppose you’ve been the victim of a taxi accident caused by a taxi driver or poor road maintenance, or related third-party knock. In that case, you do not have to prove individual responsibility for pursuing a taxi accident claim.

    What if the accident involved an Uber driver?

    The affairs of taxi-related accidents Uber drivers are relatively new, although several companies are operating similar types of service. There are many factors to consider with recent court rulings suggesting that Uber is eventually responsible for accidents. Still, this is something of a fluid subject with court actions and counter-actions pending, which will ultimately conclude the legal situation. Suppose you have been involved in an accident involving an Uber driver. In that case, your legal advisor will require to be contacted in the event of an accident to get the compensation claim process started for you.

    Can I claim using the no-win-no-fee system?

    Yes! Similar to other personal injury claims, you can claim based on no-win-no-fee. We have hundreds of legal advisors across the UK who are just one call away from you. They often take the case which has excellent chances of win so that they can get a fee.
    You can get in touch with our legal advisor for free or by filling the contact form. If you have a strong claim, we will undoubtedly make your contact with a personal injury lawyer today.

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