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    Rugby Injury Compensation | No win No Fee | Personal injury Claims

    Rugby Injury Compensation

    Compensation Claims for Rugby Injuries

    Rugby Injury Compensation

    Physical activities and sports are always good for our physical and mental health. In this modern time where diabetes and other disease and motionless lifestyles are on its verge, a super active game like rugby is suitable for a healthy lifestyle.

    Rugby and injuries

    it is a very fast-moving contact game where injuries do happen. It is not often easy to claim because of the nature of the Game, but there are situations in rugby where rugby player can claim compensation for the damage. Every year ten rugby players have to retire due to injury, according to a report published in early 2017.

    These kinds of events can lead to a rugby-related compensation claim for a damaged rugby player:

    • Dangerous tackles
    • Assault
    • poor maintenance of equipment and pitches
    • bad coach decisions which lead to injury
    • injured as a spectator

    Other common injuries involve broken bones, back, and neck injuries, muscular strains and bruising, dislocations, and overuse injuries. That’s why legislation covers even sports and governing tackles because of the high injury risk.

    If you get hit by a ball or player as a spectator, then rugby ground owners could be held liable for not making for safe arrangement.

    Rugby tackles and other risk factors

     It can determine the risk of injury in a rugby game because one player makes more than 40 tackles per match. Proper warmup, physical training can reduce the risk of injury. Head injuries and concussions are some rare injuries but the most severe injury of all. With the poor maintenance of equipment, such as suitable protective equipment, or if the pitch is damp and muddy, the match continues, then the risk of an accident is obvious.

    Although the sport involves players tackling, rucking, and mauling opponents in a bid to win the match, the guiding principles state that a player should not willfully or maliciously inflict damage on an opponent. The Rugby Football Union (RFU) also states that players have a responsibility to consider their fitness before participating in any rugby sport, with the parents and guardians of players under the age of 18 checking the health and fitness of those for whom they have a duty of care.

    Deciding if you have a claim

    Rugby can make a player famous and rich but sometimes have a life changing impact. An injured rugby player might never be able to play again. In more severe cases, players suffer a severe impact physically and even mental torment.

    Because of the inherent risk of the Game, the ethics of rugby oblige everyone to take proper care for the physical safety of others where they are expected to foresee the outcome.

    Sometimes there is more than an error of judgment that must have occurred; then, you can claim negligence.

    Unfortunately, accidents can happen in everyday life. There are more severe injuries that can have life-changing results, for instance, a player made an illegal tackle or another move on the rugby pitch. You should use the help of an experienced solicitor in sports related claims to deal with cases like these to ensure the best outcome for the injured party and their family. But if your carelessness caused your injury, you might not be able to claim compensation.

    Starting a rugby injury claim Compensation

    If you want to make a claim, then you should take your steps carefully following the injury:

    Get medical treatment. It is essential to your recovery. Your health is the priority, but while doing so, make sure that medical evidence is recorded. Take photos if possible and make sure that everything is registered on your medical record. If you take prescribed medication, this will be recorded naturally but make a note of it to describe it while discussing your case with a solicitor.

    Get contact details of any Witnesses. It may seem an annoying thing to get witnesses when the doctor has already treated you, and it is recorded, but it’ll help if we have some reports from spectators about what happened. Don’t forget to write the times and dates of accidents.

    Contact a legal advisor. We are here to help. We will take your contact details and go through everything with you. We will act as quickly as we can to get the claim processed and resolved for you. We are experienced in personal injury claims, so we know all of the proper evidence to collect to help your claim be successful.

    Compensation amount for a rugby injury?

    The amount of compensation you could claim for your rugby match injury will depend on:

    • the extent of your injury, and
    • any financial losses or costs you have incurred.

    Your claim will be valid within three years following the injury. That’s why you should claim it as soon as possible when all the evidence is still fresh. Like other personal injury claims, rugby injury claims are also settled out of court, but you will still need to have a solicitor to deal with other parties.

    You can also claim for any expenditure that costs you in treatment or loss you suffer because of injury if you have receipts and invoices to provide your lawyer as evidence.


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