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Pressure Sores Compensation

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    Pressure Sores Compensation | No win No Fee

    Pressure Sores Compensation

    What are pressure sores?

    Pressure Sores Compensation
    Pressure sores affect patients who have been staying in the hospital for a long time and need help to change their position in bed.

    When an area of skin is under constant pressure, it leads to the development of sores. The skin tissues are permanently compressed due to the patient lying in the same position. The blood supply to that part of the body becomes restricted, which causes the development of the pressure sore.

    A fit and healthy person can move regularly, but elderly or seriously injured patients cannot move and may need the help of hospital staff for changing position.

    The pressure sores can cause color change or blistering, and it might be very aching. It commonly happens around the bony ridges of the body like the heels or hip.  If left untreated, it may results in other critical issues, like as:

    • Infection
    • Cellulitis
    • Blood poisoning

    To search out whether you can make a claim or for free advice, you may get in touch with our trained legal advisor for free. They would be glad to solve your queries if you might have and can contact the right advisor to solve your case.

    Pressure sores caused by medical negligence

    Hospitals or medical staff members may avert pressure sores from building by guaranteed that they change the patient’s position daily and by giving them a comfortable mattress.

    If you or your near and dear ones have been affected by pressure sores after a stay in the hospital, then it means that some negligence might take place.

    Unfavorably, medical centers are often busy and understaffed, which shows mistakes are more likely to happen.

    The National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) set out how hospital staff should assess which patients are at risk of developing pressure sores and take prevention.

    The guidelines include:

    Giving information to all the individuals who have been at risk of pressure sores and their loved ones, including the effects, early signs, preventative measures, and wider health complications.

    Providing training to hospital staff, including carrying out risk and skin assessment, repositioning, and use of pressure redistribution devices.

    Starting a medical negligence claim

    If you or your near and dear ones have effected by pressure sores due to a medical stay and the care they’ve received, then it’s very likely an expert advisor will be able to assist you in making a compensation claim.

    The first step is to get in touch with an expert legal advisor for free. We know that commencing a claim can seem daunting – that’s why they’ll never pressure you to go forward with your case. The expert legal advisor’s priority is to solve your queries and assist you in understanding whether you could claim.

    How much compensation could you receive?

    The sum of the amount of compensation you will get vary hugely. It is because look at every case on a one and one basis to make sure you will get the full sum of the amount of compensation you require to cover the financial costs of your injury and the wider impact it’s had on your daily life.

    When working out your compensation, a legal advisor would consider two main factors:

    • Your out-of-pocket expenses – prescription expenses, medical treatment, transport and accommodation expenses, and loss of earnings due to your damage.
    • Your physical ache and suffering – including the psychological and emotional effects, as well as the pressure sores, had on your hobbies and daily life.
    • Once your legal advisor has gathered more information on your claim, they’ll be ready to let you know roughly how much compensation you may expect to get.

    Whom will your claim be made against?

    Will make your claim in opposition to the NHS, or if you were treated privately, it’d make it in the case of the practice’s chief.

    Claim in opposition to the NHS will be dealt with by NHS Resolution, which defends claims in case of service. The NHS accepts the rights of patients to complain and, if it requires to be, how much he’ll get compensation.

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