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Prescription Error Compensation

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    Prescription Error Compensation | No win No Fee

    Prescription Error Compensation

    What to do if you have been given incorrect medication

    Prescription Error Compensation
    In the UK, the health care services are much busier than before, which means they are under a lot of pressure. As a result, errors can happen during patient care, including the incorrect prescription of medicines or drugs. Nobody should have to face the consequences of someone else.

    You put your full faith when you go to a medical professional, and it cannot be very pleasant when you have the standard of treatment you expected. If you advised the wrong type of medicine, it could be difficult to know who was wrong. Call our legal experts for free, and they will tell you whether they think you might be able to make a claim.

    The effects of incorrect prescriptions

    Once you have realized the medication has been wrongly prescribed, illness can often be avoided by not continuing to take the wrongly prescribed medication. But sometimes, even taking a small number of wrong medicines/ tablets can cause serious damage. Taking the wrongly prescribed medication can cause many symptoms like headaches or nausea. But in more serious cases, one might experience:

    • Disability
    • Liver damage
    • Seizures
    • Anaphylactic shock

    The wrong prescription will not only cause illness, but an incorrect prescription can also mean you were not receiving the treatment you needed in the first place. It can cause your current condition to get more serious. And you can face some life-changing consequences.

    Who's for a prescription error Compensation?

    Sometimes it’s to tell who’s for a prescription error, but a legal adviser will help you understand who is responsible and whether you could make a compensation claim. You can contact our expert adviser for free.

    The mistake can be made by any doctor or medical professional who prescribes medicines. The doctor or a medical professional is responsible for giving you the correct dosage. For instance, A doctor or a medical professional might misdiagnose your condition, or you may be given the wrong antibiotic with some allergic ingredients for you.

    Usually, pharmacists are liable for dispensing your medicines according to the prescription from the doctor. They must confirm not only to give you the right product but also the right dosage.

    Claiming Against the NHS

    The National Health Service (NHS) is responsible for most of the healthcare in the UK. It is even more frustrating when you receive poor treatment from NHS staff. You can make a formal complaint as the NHS does have a system in place for you to make complaints. The NHS is insured to deal with these types of cases, so your claim won’t help other people get the care they need or are receiving.

    Prescription errors by private clinicians

    Everyone doesn’t NHS doctors like some people visit private doctors and prefer to pay for private treatment from independent doctors. You might be anxious that if you are getting a claim against a private clinician, you will not have the same protection as the NHS. But that’s the case.

    Care Quality Commission monitor and regulate all the private health clinics. It means that if you’ve given an incorrect prescription from a private doctor, then you could make a claim compensation.

    Starting a claim

    By law, doctors and health care professionals must serve patients equally – even if you have made a complaint about their practice. If you come to know that your doctor or chemist has given you the wrong medication, you should stop taking the medication immediately, and you should get in touch with your GP for a check-up.

    Then, we would recommend getting in touch with a legal expert to find out more about making a compensation claim. You can contact our expert advisers for free. They will tell you whether they think you can claim, and they can pass you on to the right lawyer for your case.

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