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Passenger Accident Claims Scotland

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    Passenger Accident Claims Scotland | No win No Fee

    Passenger Accident Claims Scotland

    Could I claim if I was only a passenger?

    Passenger Accident Claims Scotland
    Not every road traffic accident compensation is paid to the drivers or owner of the vehicle. If your car is shunted from behind, and you were in as a passenger, for example, then you may end up suffering from injury just as severely as the driver. In that case, you have just as much right as drivers.

    As a general rule, we can often assist you in making a compensation claim if:

    • Your accident happened in the last three years
    • It was someone else’s mistake.
    • You were injured as a consequence.

    For other questions and a piece of expert legal advice related to your case, you can speak our expert legal advisor for free. They will be able to tell you whether you have a successful case or not.

    Claiming against an uninsured driver

    Insurance is a legal requirement for all drivers to cover the costs of claims or injuries to other road users. But unfortunately, as we have seen in some cases, the driver at fault might not have insurance. You might feel there is no chance for compensation, but you could be eligible to make a compensation claim.

    In cases like this, MIB (motor insurer’s bureau) comes in the introduction. MIB is an organization where all insurance companies have to contribute to the MIB every year for providing compensation on behalf of unknown or uninsured drivers. So you can claim compensation from MIB.

    Claiming somebody you know (Passenger Accident Claims Scotland)

    It is an odd situation, and you might feel hesitant about claiming your relative or someone close. For instance, If you were injured as a passenger while your close one hit the car or was driving the same car, and it was their mistake that you are suffering, you can claim financial support or medical treatment.

    You don’t need to feel wrong about them, and you are not breaking your bond with that person. Their insurance will pay your compensation; it is not like they have to pay out from their pocket.

    Public transport accidents

    All public transport drivers are well trained and should drive responsibly. They have a legal duty of care to keep you safe because you pay them for service. Suppose they breached their duty and drive carelessly, resulting in your injury.

    In that case, you have legal rights to make a compensation claim against the local authority or the company they work. You were a vehicle in which you were a passenger collided with another vehicle or obstacle, and you got injured due to their dangerous driving.

    How to start a claim as a passenger

    Your health is your priority, so seek medical attention and report a complaint to the police. Good for your health and your case, as you will have an official record of the police and medic.

    If you want to make a compensation claim take a piece of legal advice for free and get in touch with an experienced legal advisor; during your call, the advisor will ask a few queries about your road accident to get a better understanding of what occurred. Then, they will be able to tell you whether you have a claim or not.

    You will have no pressure at any stage of the claim to take any further, but if you want to go further, they will pass the details of your injury onto one of our specialist solicitors. They will talk to you through the claims process’s every step. They will then contact the other party and negotiate on your behalf without disturbing you in your treatment or recovery.

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