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NHS Negligence Compensation

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    NHS Negligence Compensation

    Making a negligence claim against the NHS

    NHS Negligence Compensation
    NHS negligence
    covers incidents that occur while receiving medical treatment at the NHS facility. If you or anyone you know has suffered an injury resulting from the NHS failure in looking after you properly, you can file a compensation claim.

    A personal injury lawyer who has very good experience dealing with medical negligence claims can help you file a successful NHS negligence compensation claim.

    Proving NHS negligence Compensation

    Your legal advisor may need to prove the following for a successful claim:-

    • The injury had affected you physically and emotionally
    • The injury was caused by somebody working in the NHS

    NHS claims can be a little complex to prove. According to which your personal injury legal advisor will confirm if you can make a successful claim, there are predefined principles.

    The Bolam Test and NICE (NHS Negligence Compensation)

    To prove that medical negligence occurred, your solicitor will require opinions from medical experts to prove that there has been negligent behavior by your doctor, nurse, or other healthcare provider behaved carelessly. It is called the ‘Bolam Test.’ There are other criteria like NICE (National Institute of Health and Care Excellence) principles.

    Gathering evidence to support a claim

    Hospital staff has a duty of care towards any patient. For a successful claim, you have to prove that the doctor or the other staff failed in their duty of care and that caused your injuries. To prove this, your solicitor gets in touch with medical experts and testimony by experts as evidence. An experienced medical claim lawyer also has good connections with medical experts and uses it to gather evidence and make your case stronger.

    How much time does it take to make an NHS claim?

    If the NHS accepts the blame, the case is solved immediately. However, if NHS denies negligence, your lawyer needs to prove their negligence. Filing claims against the NHS helps prevent mistakes from happening in the future and saves somebody from getting injured. Most claims are settled out of court.

    You can call our expert legal advisor for free and start your claim.

    Will your claim affect ongoing treatment?

    It is recommended that you change your doctor or get yourself referred to a different doctor or hospital. Still, if you decide to make a complaint against the doctor currently treating you, he can’t deny your treatment.

    Claiming on someone else's behalf

    You can file an NHS negligence claim for someone else if the person injured can not make a compensation claim on themselves. It may be either because they are below 18, or they have been rendered mentally disabled due to the impacts of the injury.

    NHS negligence claims, including non-medical staff

    Injuries can also result due to the mistake of non-medical employees like porters, receptionists, cleaners, café staff, etc. Your solicitor may need to prove that the individual owed you a duty of care in such a case. Your lawyer will collect details of the incident and conclude if you can have a claim or not.

    Claims and NHS Resolution

    NHS resolution defends any claim against the NHS. Found NHS Resolution in 1995. More than 98% of NHS cases are settled out of court. The compensation amount is paid from a special fund set aside for compensation claims. If your claim is against an NHS GP(general practitioner), then your claim would be against the GP privately, who will be defended by a medical defense institution.

    The right to complain and make a claim

    NHS is a reputed organization, and you should never feel guilty about claiming negligence against the NHS. The constitution of the NHS itself involves the right to get compensation if you’ve been harmed via an act of medical negligence.

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