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Lorry Accident Compensation

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    Lorry Accident Compensation | No win No Fee

    Lorry Accident Compensation

    Claiming for Accidents Involving Lorries, LGVs, and HGVs

    Lorry Accident Compensation
    You are lucky enough if you got away with a few minor injuries after being involved in a road accident. Maximum time road accidents that involve four-wheelers result in serious injuries, regardless of how small the vehicle is. And if the accident involves Lorries, LGVs, or HGVs, matters can escalate very quickly.

    It is the colossal size and weight of Lorries that makes them a formidable threat on the road. Any impact with any heavy vehicles like Lorries tends to be several times more forceful, resulting in severe damage to the vehicles involved.

    It is commonly seen that accidents often happen when lorry drivers overtake another vehicle by taking calculated risks thinking they are almost safe by the sheer size. But all drivers of LGV or any other heavy vehicle have a duty of care towards other road users.

    LGV training (Lorry Accident Compensation)

    Drivers of LGV must get specific training and a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence. Drivers typically need to pass 4tests before they are allowed to drive LGVs or HGVs on public roads. The driver’s licenses also depend upon their circumstances and routes, called a specific operator’s license.

    Accidents never are prevented as long as humans are on the road, no matter how they get trained or what licenses they get. Sometimes mechanical faults also play a role in road accidents.

    Driver fatigue

    Even with all the training and certificates, some road accidents are entirely avoidable. Long haul drivers of lorries who continuously drive that cause driver fatigue. They end up losing concentration or fall asleep while driving, causing a severe accident.

    That is why long-distance drivers are advised to take breaks when they get tired and stop if necessary. Even the UK law imposes many rules on the maximum number of hours a long-distance driver can drive. According to the law, the long-distance driver must drive no more than 9 hours a day or 56 hours per week.

    For every long-distance driver, the route is adequately planned. The work schedule is thought through beforehand; otherwise, the driver will face a lack of time and might not rest, which will end up as an accident and mean the haulage company is responsible for any resulting injury.

    Other factors that cause accidents

    Numerous reasons may cause LGV or lorry accidents. These could range from bad weather conditions, talking on the phone while driving, and even alcohol or drugs, poor maintenance of the vehicle, or badly loaded vehicles to driver error caused by dizziness, poor driving skills. Other causes involve overloading on the lorry, which means cargo is unstable and raises the risk of losing control.

    Whom to claim against

    Usually, the claim goes against the employer of the Lorry or LGV/HGV driver, not the driver personally. Because if there is an accident, the employer will be held liable for the driver’s actions. But it can be against the insurance company of the employer.

    Proving your claim

    It is essential to maintain detailed records and keep all or any expense receipts concerning the accident to prove your claim. After your accident, you must notify the Health and Safety Executive, the police, the company concerned about the accident.

    The records from the day and the formal records of the accident will help the court ascertain whether or not you are entitled to compensation. These pieces of evidence should include written details with date and time and photos of the incident itself. Also, include medical reports and Police records.

    Most importantly, you need to prove that it wasn’t your fault in the accident, but the lorry driver was careless or driving dangerously, and you end up getting injured. You can claim even if you were slightly to blame for the accident that injured you and still recover some compensation.

    The solicitor you will hire will use all of the data you provide to build a strong claim against the party who is to be held responsible for your injuries and loss.


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