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Ligament & Tendon Damage Claims

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    Ligament & Tendon Damage Claims

    Ligament & Tendon Damage Claims

    Claiming for ligament or tendon damage

    Ligament & Tendon Damage Claims
     Injury to ligaments and tendons can stop you from getting on with your daily life and can be very painful. Although some ligament and tendon damages can heal rapidly, others can last for an extended period. You may have to take time off work or need surgery to help with your recovery. For your ligament and tendon injury, an expert injury solicitor can help you get compensation. You can contact our legal adviser for free to know whether you can make a claim.

    What is a tendon injury?

    Tendons attach muscles to the bone for movement. Due to small tears in the tissue from overuse, constant repetitive motions can cause tendonitis. Tendonitis can cause pain and swelling of the tendon, affecting the hands, knees, ankles, elbows, shoulders, or biceps. Tendonitis can make it hard to move around and can cause severe pain.

    In some cases, tendons can be torn or ruptured as a result of sports injury. It can take time to recover from torn or ruptured tendons and can also need surgery.

    What is a ligament injury?

    Ligaments are the connective tissue that connects bones. Ligament damage is also known as a sprain or Whiplash. When the ligament is stretched too far and damaged, sprain and Whiplash happen, and in some severe cases, this can take a long time to recover. When ACL(a type of ligament) is stretched or torn, a person can face difficulty walking and need physiotherapy or surgery to recover.

    Who's responsible for your ligament or tendon injury?

    You could file a compensation claim if your accident happened in the last three years due to someone else’s fault. And to prove this, it’s essential to know the person responsible for your injury. An expert legal adviser can clarify after getting details if you can blame someone.

    Claiming against an employer

    Employers have a duty of care responsibility towards the employees. They have to ensure that the workplace stays as much safe as possible. Should be provided Proper training about equipment handling to minimize risk.

    Strain injuries can happen due to accidents at the workplace which impacts the tendons in the hands. Tendons in arms and shoulders can overstretch or damage due to heavy manual lifting without appropriate training.

    Accidents in public places

    At public places like bars, restaurants, shops, and supermarkets, one can suffer injuries due to falls, slips, and trips. Business owners have to follow health and safety guidelines like cleaning up spillages, keeping area obstacle-free, and have brightly lit pathways. One can also suffer injuries due to falls, slips, and trips on poorly maintained pavements with cracks, potholes, and roughly paved slabs. The local council has to ensure timely repair of pavements.

    Road traffic accidents

    Ligaments damage in the neck, back, and shoulder is called Whiplash. It can happen due to the sudden shock of a car accident or road accident. You could file a whiplash compensation claim if the injury occurred due to someone else negligent driving. A passenger, cyclist, motorcyclist, or even a pedestrian can suffer injuries on the road and claim compensation.

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