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Ladder Fall Compensation

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    Ladder Fall Compensation | No Win No Fee | Personal injury Claims

    Ladder Fall Compensation

    The risk of falling from a ladder

    Ladder Fall Compensation
    There are many jobs or professions where one has to use ladders, and there involves a risk of falling from heights. And falling from a ladder can result from mild injuries to severe injuries. Many people blame themselves for falling from the ladder due to a mere imbalance. However, a ladder might be faulty, and the employer’s negligence might have caused the fall.

    The laws covering the use of ladders at work

    Working on ladders can be dangerous, and Height Regulations were introduced to ensure professionals working with ladders. As per the heights regulation Act, the employer must assess the risks before sending an employee up a ladder. The employer has to consider all risks involved at work, draw up safety plans, and supervise the work. The employer should also provide safety equipment like helmets to avoid injury to the head if falling from the ladder.

    Claiming compensation for ladder fall injuries

    You can file a compensation claim against the employer if your employer fails in this duty of care towards you. There may be many reasons for fall from a ladder:

    • Inappropriate ladder used for the job
    • Using a tiny ladder
    • A weak ladder with significantly less load capacity
    • A ladder placed at the wrong angle

    How can we help you? (Ladder Fall Compensation)

    Our personal injury lawyer will help in deciding whether you should file a compensation claim for a ladder fall. Your solicitor will analyze the circumstances and the impact the ladder fall injury had on you. You should gather details of your ladder fall accident, the names of any witnesses, and details of medical assistance needed after that.

    Our personal injury solicitor offers a No Win No Fee agreement to our clients. It means we charge if you win your compensation claim, and the fee will be charged from the compensation amount. Your legal advisor will give you a piece of transparent advice and help you get the maximum possible compensation based on your injuries.

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