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Hip Injury Compensation

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    Hip injury compensation

    Hip injury compensation

    Making a hip injury claim

    The hips help in maintaining balance and support the upper body. Damage to any part of the hip or pelvis may cause difficulty in walking in daily life. Hip injury compensation helps one pay for the medical treatment and cover out-of-pocket expenses.

    • You can make a hip injury claim if:
    • Your injury happened within the last three years
    • can blame somebody else.

    It may be difficult to tell if your injury was caused by someone else’s mistake. You may get in touch with our experienced legal adviser for free, and they will guide you. They’ll also help through the claims process and can answer your doubts. If you don’t want to file a claim, then the adviser can’t pressurize you. If you wish to file a compensation claim, they’ll refer you to a personal injury solicitor.

    Types of hip injuries

    The hips are sophisticated parts of the body. Hips are made up of the hip bone, hip joint and fastened by ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Injury to any of these or the pelvis can cause lifelong injuries.

     Examples of hip injuries for which you can make a compensation claim:

    Fractured pelvis

    A fractured pelvis is a break in the bone structures. Severe damage can be caused that may need physical therapy and even surgery. In the most severe cases, hip injuries can cause internal damage, for example, internal bleeding and damage to the internal organs.

    Damage to muscle and ligaments

    The hip strain is caused by a sudden jolt to the hip or overstretching of the joint

    Hip Bursitis

    This type of injury mostly heals by itself. But during your recovery, it can diminish your mobility and can be very annoying.


    A dislocation in the hip happens typically because of a sudden bump or shock, for example, when two vehicles crash in a road accident. The force can be the reason for the joint to be dislocated. You will commonly need to undergo medical treatment to put it back in place. Sadly, once a joint has come out of its socket, it can happen again in the future.

    Making a medical negligence claim

    Hip injuries are caused mainly by an impact or blow on the hip. At the workplace, it can happen due to heavy lifting or repetitive movements causing strain. In such cases, long-term hip injuries such as Osteoarthritis can occur. Your employer should provide proper training and equipment. And if they fail in their duty of care, then you can make a compensation claim.

    How is your compensation calculated?

    Every case is different, and it isn’t easy to estimate the compensation amount before starting the claim. An expert hip injury solicitor will consider all the physical, financial, and emotional impacts of the injury while negotiating your compensation amount. They try their best to ensure the maximum possible compensation for you.

    Compensation can help in covering:

    Cost of private medical treatment such as surgery to remove a faulty hip and the loss of earnings. Dependents or family members can also claim if the main earning members get injured and unable to achieve during the recovery period.

    If you want to start a claim, you can contact our expert legal adviser for free or fill your details in the online form.

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