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Hand Injury Claims

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    Hand Injury Claims

    Hand Injury Claims

    Hand Injury Claims
    Hand and finger injuries appear to be less concerning as compared to other injuries. But these injuries can make you suffer more even in the short term. Due to a hand and fingers’ injury, we are unable to work. We may need someone’s help with our basic needs and can no longer participate in our usual hobbies and sports. A typical office injury is carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that can be caused by repetitive work involving the wrist and can make your work very difficult.

    Some hand injuries can be critical. For example, damage to the nerve endings in the fingertips can permanently reduce your sense of touch.

    Hands are a critical body part that is used for almost every movement or activity. If an accident has left your hands injured due to someone else’s fault, you can file a personal injury compensation claim.

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    Compensation can you claim for a hand injury?

    After a hand injury, the expenses can rise quickly. For almost all jobs we use our hands, you may also need to take leave from work. And this may result in reduced income or even no income at all for an extended period.

    You always depend on someone to look after you while your hands are injured. You may also have to pay extra charges for childcare during recovery time.

    Personal injury solicitors look at each case differently; their main focus is to ensure the maximum possible compensation you deserve. The compensation depends on various factors like its emotional, physical and financial impacts on your life. They’ll take into consideration any other expenses, such as:

    • Travel to and from medical appointments
    •  accommodation costs
    • Your physical pain and suffering

    For example, for minor hand injuries, the amount of compensation may range between £700 and £4,000, while if fingers or a thumb has been amputated, the compensation amount could be more than £80,000. In case of loss of income, financial factors are also added in deciding the amount.

    Making a claim using No Win No Fee

    Making a claim using no-win-no-fee means if you don’t win, you don’t have to pay. If you win your case, your personal injury solicitor will charge you the fee from the compensation amount you receive, which is up to a maximum of 25%

    Causes of hand injuries

    Hand injuries can happen due to an accident or any other reason. You can make a compensation claim if you got injured in the last three years, and somebody else’s can be blamed for that.

    Road accidents

    Road accidents hand injuries are common, mainly for the driver of a car or motorcycle. The sudden impact can damage the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the hands or wrist. Broken glass and debris may cut and bruise the skin, increasing the healing period.

    Slips trips and fall

    During slips, trips, and falls can cause damage to the wrists. Landing all bodyweight on your wrist can cause it to bend beyond its normal range leading to bone fractures and injuries to the soft tissue.

    Hand injuries at work

    When you go to work, it’s the company or organization’s duty to keep you safe because if you get injured, you can’t work. Organization or companies provided you with protective gloves to reduce the chance of burns or cuts and used to avoid your hands getting caught up in dangerous machinery.

    If you were injured or have a situation due to faulty work equipment, your solicitor could help you file a claim. The compensation can help in your financial situation.

    Gathering evidence to support your claim

    If you need compensation then, you’ll need to prove someone else mistakes to help make your hand injury claim. A piece of solid evidence makes a strong case and will help your solicitor settle your compensation claim as soon as possible.

    Proving negligence in a hand injury

    Your solicitor will consider all the circumstances that led to your injury. It helps in deciding if the defendant owes you a duty of care. An experienced solicitor can help build a solid case to prove that injuries were caused by someone else negligent behavior.

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