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Groin Injury Claims

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    Groin Injury Claims


    What is a groin injury?

    groin injury claims
    Any injury to the area between your upper thigh and abdomen is called a groin injury. Muscles in the groin allow you to move your legs, and any damage to these may sometimes make it very uneasy for you to walk, running or bending your legs as usual. During your recovery, you may have missed out on your daily routine and social events. The physical pain of groin injury can also affect your mood, especially if you’re stuck at home.

    The symptoms of a groin injury include: pain and swelling around the groin or inner thigh, and when stretching or bending, this can be very difficult.

    You don’t need to suffer because of somebody else’s negligence. That is why a specialist can help you make a compensation claim to cover the costs of your injury.


    Hernias can develop in the groin due to heavy lifting at work, and hernias often require surgery.

    In most cases, hernias can take some time to develop, so you hardly know you’ve been injured straight away. You might still be able to claim within three years if you know somebody else’s negligence caused the injury.

    There are two types of hernia:

    • Femoral hernia: This appears as a swelling in the groin. Symptomless until it becomes ‘stuck’. After that, it can become excruciating and may need surgery.
    • Inguinal hernia: In this size increases and becomes worse if not operated on at the time.

    Can you make a groin injury claim?

    The quickest and most straightforward way to determine whether you could make a claim is to speak to our legal adviser for free. They’ll ask some questions about your accident and injury, and if they think you have a case, they pass it to a solicitor. If your accident happened in the last three years and it was somebody else’s fault, then you can make a claim.

     Some examples are:

    • Accidents at work – your employer may have failed to give you the proper advice, equipment and needed to carry out heavy lifting. it can cause damage to the muscles in the groin area and hernias in the long-term
    • Medical negligence – your condition can be worse if you get surgical errors, misdiagnosis of groin injuries
    • Road accidents – As a driver, passenger, cyclist, or motorcyclist, you could claim if your road accident was somebody else’s fault or if it was caused by poor road maintenance.
    •  Sports injuries – gyms should ensure that the equipment is safe for use. For example, failure of a weight or exercise machine can cause serious injuries, including damage to the groin muscles.

    Multiple injury claims

    You may suffer from more than one injury, which can make your recovery even more complex and take longer due to the groin location, which you have to suffer from more than one injury from the same accident.

    For example, you may also have suffered from damage to the ligaments, muscles, and bones in the legs, knee, and thigh. An Expert personal injury solicitor will consider your injuries while calculating the compensation amount. An expert will cover for all the impacts the damage had on you.

    How compensation can help

    Making a claim may appear a hassle, but a good amount of compensation can help to relieve the financial pressure that the injury has put you. Your compensation will help you access good medical treatment and care you would need. So, if you have suffered from a groin injury, you can call and take advice from our legal experts.

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