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Food Poisoning Compensation

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    Food Poisoning Compensation | No Win No Fee | Personal Injury Claims

    Food Poisoning Compensation

    Making a Claim for Food Poisoning

    Food Poisoning Compensation
    Food poisoning results from eating food that is contaminated, usually because of bacteria or a virus. Each year, one in six people in the UK get sick from food poisoning. There is always a fear of food poisoning in eating outside. If you have been the victim of food poisoning, you must seek medical treatment immediately. You can claim under the Consumer Protection Act 1987. According to the legislation of UK retailer is liable (i.e. to blame) for your food poisoning.

    The causes of food poisoning

    The followings are some of the most common causes of food poisoning:

    • Tainted ingredients from the supplier
    • Cross-contamination
    • Poorly regulated food temperature
    • Poor employee hygiene
    • Food handling

    The following are some foods that are most probable to cause food poisoning Compensation :

    1. Raw meat
    2. Raw poultry
    3. Raw shellfish
    4. Unpasteurized milk

    Symptoms of food poisoning

    Symptoms of food poisoning depend on the type of germ. It can happen anytime from one to 36 hrs after eating. You may experience the following:

    • Nausea
    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhoea

    Other symptoms may include:

    Stomach cramps, Loss of appetite, Abdominal pain, High temperature, Muscle pain, Chills

    Getting food poisoning compensation

    The  food poisoning compensation claim will depend on:

    • How much damage did it cause you?
    • How much it costs in treatment?
    • How much Loss of earning it caused?

    Claiming for food poisoning

    If you are the victim of food poisoning caused by a negligent café or restaurant chain, the information can support your solicitor pursue compensation on your behalf. As soon as you know you are suffering from food poisoning, contact your local Environmental Health Department, responsible for checking and governing food safety.

    For a strong case, you should collect as much evidence as possible. It includes showing the name of the brand which caused the poisoning. It can be food or drink and their supplied or retailer.

    Other Important Evidence to Collect

    • Food samples and packaging
    • Witness testimony
    • Lost wages verification
    • Medical records, bills, and expense receipts
    • Any left of the food’s test
    • A food diary of the preceding 24 hrs
    • Photographs of the food

    After this evidence, you can be free of the burden of compensation, and these will be helpful in compensation. After you get the compensation, you will give some amount to the lawyer as his fee, and this amount will already be discussed, as according to UK law, you have the right over a minimum of 75% of compensation.


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