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Cosmetic Surgery Compensation Scotland

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    Cosmetic Surgery Compensation Scotland | No Win No Fee

    Cosmetic Surgery Compensation Scotland

    What is cosmetic procedure negligence?

    Cosmetic Surgery Compensation Scotland
    Cosmetic treatments
    include surgeries, the use of needles, scalpels, and other medical equipment. Any mistake can have devastating impacts and have lifelong injuries. In case you have suffered any injuries, then you can make a compensation claim.

    The most common treatments are:

    • Dermal fillers.
    • Botox injections.
    • Breast reduction.
    • Breast enlargement/augmentation.
    • Liposuction.
    • Gastric bypass.
    • Rhinoplasty (nose job).

    The risk of cosmetic surgery

    Both men and women have an equal craze for cosmetic surgery. These days more and more practitioners are capable of performing light to heavy cosmetic procedures. Most individuals think that cosmetic surgery doesn’t have any risk associated. In fact, due to the sudden surge in demand for cosmetic surgery, there are more chances of mismanagement of cosmetic surgeries. However, the cosmetic industry is not that heavily regulated as other healthcare providers like the NHS.

    If cosmetic surgery has caused damage to you, then you are eligible to make a no win no fee 100 percent compensation claim. You can discuss with our expert for free legal advisor will never force you to claim a case, and all advice is free of cost.

    Types of cosmetic surgery injuries

    Mismanaged cosmetic surgery can be particularly dangerous because most patients get treatment to improve their appearance and self-esteem. Nobody imagines cosmetic surgery to go wrong. Because any mistake can hamper your appearance and may cause you to look way uglier, cosmetic surgery faults can result in continuous ache and trauma. Your routine life and how you feel about yourself are changed forever.

    Critical injuries and conditions that can affect from a cosmetic surgery gone wrong:

    • Significant nerve damage.
    • Unsightly scarring.
    • Perforated bowels.
    • ‘Lost’ medical instruments left within the body.
    • Laser burns.
    • Wrong-size or uneven breast reduction or enhancement surgery.
    • Ruptured breast or buttock implants.
    • Wrongful or unnecessary breast surgery.
    • Lumpy or bumpy skin following incorrect dermal filler
    • Uneven nostrils following rhinoplasty.
    • Post-surgery infections.

    Compensation for cosmetic surgery injuries

    Your eligibility for a claim depends on factors like the type and seriousness of the injury and whether you can blame someone else. Your recovery time and impact of injuries on your life help decide the compensation claim. Special damages are also included, like financial damages due to additional costs of travel, hotel for family, and the future impact on your earnings. The more severe the injury is, the more will be the amount of compensation.

    Botched cosmetic surgery abroad

    Going foreign country for cosmetic surgery is sometimes way cheaper than in the UK. Many individuals save money by getting cosmetic surgery abroad. In this case, it’s recommended to check the terms of your contract with the treating hospital or surgeon. If you have signed a contract, then that country’s law may follow. Still, it would be best if you got in touch with our expert legal advisor, who can help decide what to do.

    Evidence to help your claim (Cosmetic Surgery Compensation Scotland)

    The more information you give to your legal advisor, the more chances your cosmetic surgery claim will have to be successful. While your legal advisor will work to prove your case, you can ensure all the paperwork related to your surgery. May involve:

    • A formal agreement between you and the hospital or surgeon.
    • Your consent forms.
    • Details about the procedure and information about the risks of it.
    • A record of any pre-op assessment.

    Any of these will assist your legal advisor in proving that you did not take your consent and that there may have been additional risks you were not made aware of. Your lawyer will cross-check your medical records and check whether the hospital or clinic responsible for your cosmetic injuries was licensed to carry out the cosmetic surgery or not. You will also have to get a medical examination by an independent health expert.

    Making a successful claim

    Your lawyer will guide you through the claims process, take all your headache of paperwork, etc. If you are unhappy with cosmetic surgery treatment, you can call our legal expert advisor freely or submit the online claim form.

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