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Claiming for Internal Injuries

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    Claiming for Internal Injuries

    Claiming for Internal Injuries

    You could claim internal injuries

    Claiming for Internal Injuries
    Internal injuries can be very tragic and sometimes can be life-changing. We know it can be challenging to deal with the physical and emotional effects of injury If you or some loved one has suffered from an internal injury because of somebody else’s carelessness. You may be stuck at a place due to ongoing treatment. You may also be unable to work or spend time with family.

    At such a time, it doesn’t feel easy to think about filing a claim. Still, talking to an expert injury lawyer can help you feel better as now you can get at least monetary compensation for what you have been suffering.

     They will also answer all your queries and help you get the money you need to recover financial expenses and your emotional and physical pain.

    Who's at fault for your injury?

    Most people are not sure whom to blame for their injuries as they are not aware of their rights. Internal injuries take time to show up, and hence it becomes difficult to decide if someone else could be held liable.


    The best thing to do is consult a legal adviser who will help you decide and clear all the confusion. You can contact a legal advisor.

    Types of internal injuries

    Internal injuries can disrupt the functioning of the internal organs. Multiple injuries like broken bones may also happen and can cause internal damage.


    Internal injuries can be defined in two categories:


    • Intense trauma – When an external object gets into the skin and damage the internal organs (e.g. knife wounds)
    •  Blunt trauma: It happens when a collision or sudden retardation occurs, like in a road accident.
    •  Internal injuries example:

    Internal bleeding – causing brain damage and even heart attacks Abdominal aorta aneurysm – rupture of the aorta due to sudden impact

    • Pneumothorax Puncturing of legs due to rib breakage
    •  Ruptured spleen – Requires removal of spleen via surgery
    • Liver damage – excessive blood loss due to weak pulse and swelling
    • Kidney damage – caused by a ‘blunt trauma’ to the abdomen
    • Bowel damage – symptoms include pain and nausea

    Causes internal injuries

    Internal injuries are caused by road accidents – which may be drivers of cars, passengers, motorcyclists, cyclists, or pedestrians. The impacts in a crash with another vehicle or object can cause a ‘penetrating trauma’.


     Its the duty of your employer to keep you safe by providing safety equipment or necessary training you may need. Its to avoid any accident from occurring at the workplace. If you work with big and dangerous machinery, the risk of getting an injury might be higher. All employers should take safety measures to nullify the risk of getting an injury, and all employers have a duty of care towards you.

    Medical negligence

    It’s your right to receive a high standard of care when you visit a hospital, and you should be able to live in a better condition than before. The medical mistakes that include delay in diagnosis, misdiagnosis, or surgical errors can cause internal injuries that can change your life drastically.


    After you have suffered from an internal injury, you should get treatment as soon as possible. You may be able to claim compensation if a doctor or a medical staff has failed to diagnose your condition in time.

    How do you start a claim?

    An injury solicitor can help if you’re looking for any advice on your accident and injuries.


    You can contact our legal adviser for free. They will guide you through the claims process. 

    The adviser will ask questions to know more about what happened – this is so they can get an idea of whether they can help. If the legal adviser thinks that there might be someone else’s mistake for your internal injury, they’ll transfer you to one of their specialist lawyers. If you want to go ahead, they will forward you to an expert lawyer.

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