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Birth Injury Compensation Scotland

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    Birth Injury Compensation Scotland | No win No Fee

    Birth Injury Compensation Scotland

    Getting help after a birth injury

    Birth Injury Compensation Scotland
    Becoming a new mother or father is one of the best feelings in this world. Birth involves a bit of risk for both the mother and the baby. Any accident, mistake, or negligence may lead to severe complications. If you or any of your dear ones have suffered this, then you can file a birth injury compensation claim.

    Money can’t compensate for the loss of life or any damage, but a compensation claim can help cover the emotional, physical, and financial costs. Your compensation can also include the costs of rehabilitation and medicines as well as the loss of earnings.

    You can speak to an expert legal solicitor for free. You can ask any questions from them, and they’ll answer.  They will let you know about the chances of getting a compensation claim.

    Types of birth injury

    During birth, there are chances of complications. Medical staff is well trained to perform their job. But sometimes, they fail to pay full attention either during pregnancy time or during labor. Any mistake or carelessness here can have a destructive impact on either the mother or child.

    • Some examples of birth injuries
    • Incorrect use of forceps
    • Forceps are used during birth to help guide the baby’s head. But sometimes, if misused, they can injure the mother or the baby.
    • Vaginal tearing or episiotomy can happen while the child can have bruised head and face.
    • Incorrect suturing
    • There are some predefined techniques and guidelines to repair tearing during childbirth. If these aren’t followed, then there are chances of muscle damage, infection, and bleeding.
    • Placental abruption
    • The placenta can become detached from the wall of the womb leading to severe conditions.
    • Pre-eclampsia
    • A condition is affecting mothers after the 20-week mark. If undiagnosed, it can put both mother and baby life at risk.
    • Cerebral palsy
    • A serious condition with symptoms like muscle stiffness, weakness, uncontrolled motor actions, seizures, and problems swallowing.

    Making a birth injury claim against the NHS

    If the medical standards aren’t followed, then you can file a birth injury compensation Scotland claim against the NHS. For a successful birth injury claim, the fault of the medical practitioner has to be proved.

    The time limit for making a claim?

    You can start a compensation claim within three years from the date of injury or the date you came to know about the birth injuries. You can also claim on behalf of your child till they turn 18. The baby can also claim after they attain the age of 18 till their 21st birthday.

    How much compensation could you receive?

    Every case is different, and hence the amount of compensation can vary. While making your compensation, the court considers three main points:

    • the severity of the injuries
    • How long the symptoms will last
    • Any expenses caused

    Other costs like loss of earnings, time off work, cost of medicines, rehabilitation, alterations to your home, impact on your social life, and hobbies.

    How to start your claim

    Recovering from a birth-related trauma is very difficult, and you need to collect the courage to file a compensation claim. We understand your pain, and hence our trained legal advisers and expert lawyers are there to help you guide and make a successful claim. You can contact our legal advisor for free. They will give you clear information on what’s required to claim and let you know your chances of a successful claim.

    Nobody will push you to pursue a case. It’s your free will if you want to file a claim or not. If you decide to go ahead, your adviser will refer you to the right experienced medical negligence lawyer. The lawyer will handle all the paperwork, and you can focus on your personal life at this hour of grief.

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