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Beauty Salon Injury Claims

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    Beauty Salon Injury Claims | No Win No Fee | Personal injury claims

    Beauty Salon Injury Claims

    Compensation for Beauty Salon Injuries

    Beauty Salon Injury Claims
    The beauty industry has a powerful impact on people nowadays. People visit beauty salons not only for pampering or aesthetic reasons. Many individuals have unattractive hair growth that may require expert hair removal treatment. It may also be beneficial for cancer survivors who lose their hair during treatment and require eyebrows redefinition.

    They can also get wigs or artificial hairs to go ahead with a confident social life. Everyone needs refreshing looks to restore their confidence frequently. Currently, the worth of the UK hair and beauty industry is more than £8 billion.

    Beauty salons and the law

    Under section 3 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, beauty salon owners, managers, and beauty therapists working there have a legal duty of care towards their clients. They must protect their clients from any risk of an accident. Some other laws that beauty salons must obey include controlling Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002, which says the beauty salon owners and beauty therapists must carefully control hazardous chemicals.

    It means salon owners or therapists must take some details from their clients, for example- their age, whether they are pregnant, and any other health issues, and inform their clients about the risk of the treatment. If the individual is too young or pregnant, the therapist should tell the client that they can not perform their treatment.

    Patch tests are essential in many cases. If you’re having treatment involving chemicals (for example, permanent tattoos), the beauty therapist must do a patch test to ensure you don’t have an unfavorable reaction. Treatments such as chemical peels, Botox, categorized as cosmetic procedures, should have the prior written agreement of the client.

    The therapist/salon must give you detailed information about the products they intend to use and the equipment used. Important warnings should be given where there is a risk of a client misusing or touching equipment, chemicals, etc., which could cause harm or injury. If the salon or the therapist breaks their duty of care and the client suffers an injury, they can face a negligence claim for personal injury compensation.

    Types of beauty salon injury Claims

    Sadly, there are cases where clients do suffer chemical burns, damage to sensitive areas of skin (after Brazilian waxing treatments, for instance), skin reactions, infections, and even psychological injury in severe cases. Clients do suffer pain and injury during or after salon treatment. It can be caused by the carelessness of the salon /therapist. Not all beauty salon injuries are because of carelessness.

    A diligent therapist may do everything that is required to give safe treatment to the client. If clients still suffer, then the salon might not be responsible.

    injury claim beauty salon

    You can claim compensation if you suffer any physical problem because of beauty salon treatment due to their negligence. If you haven’t yet visited a doctor, make sure you should get medical help as soon as possible, and the medical reports and notes will help get a compensation claim.

    You should collect all the evidence such as medical reports, receipts, appointment cards, and records from the salon’s accident report book, records of any medical treatment, photographs of injuries, and witness details that can help your claim. It would be best to connect with a solicitor as soon as possible as there are time limits. You have three years to claim. 

     However, if you are claiming on behalf of a child, for example, your 15-year-old daughter suffered chemical burns from the beauty treatment, the 3-year period doesn’t start to run till she reaches 18.

    If you or someone got injured following a beauty salon treatment, you could seek legal advice. We work on a no-win-no-fee agreement, which means no financial liability and complete peace of mind.

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