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Bar/Club Injury Compensation

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    Bar/Club Injury Compensation

    Bar/Club Injury Compensation

    Bar or Nightclub Injury Compensation

    Bars and nightclubs can be risky sometimes. There is always a risk of falling on spilt drink, broken glass, falling due to obstacles, or the floor is uneven. After alcohol consumption, there is always a chance of assaults and other criminal offences. Unfortunately, a good time in a pub, bar, or nightclub can turn into bad moments and even end up in injuries.

    So, If you’ve got injured, tripped, or slipped in a bar or nightclub, you can make a personal injury claim that can help cover your injury’s costs and its effects on your life.

    Learn more about the claims process or find out whether you can make a compensation claim. You can get in touch with our trained legal adviser for free.

    DID YOU KNOW: According to the Health & Safety Executive, the primary cause of injury in UK workplaces is “slipping and tripping”.

    Pub and club owners must keep you safe.

    According to occupiers’ liability law: Owners of pubs, bars, and nightclubs, have to ensure that their customers and staff stay safe from any injuries or hazards.

    Bar/Nightclub owners should ensure the cleanup of broken bottles and spilt drinks, and the floor should be as free of obstacles as possible. In the meantime, should put a signboard in place to avoid slips, trips, and falls.

    The floor surfaces should be made safer with replaced frayed or uneven carpeting and tied-up cables so that they’re not a trip hazard.

    Many people blame themselves if they have been injured due to a slip trip or fall in a bar. However, it can avoid a lot of accidents if business owners follow the correct safety measures. If you believe your injury results from the bar/ nightclub owner’s negligence, then an expert personal injury solicitor can help you file an injury compensation claim.

    Starting a bar/club injury compensation

    To start a bar/club compensation claim, you can get in touch with a trained legal adviser for free. The expert will ask you how the injury happened, the circumstances and then tell you whether your case will result in the injury claim or not. Our personal injury lawyer will also get in touch with the bar, club, or pub that you feel responsible for your injury and inform them about your decision of filing a claim.

    Our solicitor takes your entire headache away and does most of the work on your behalf throughout the claims process. There will be some paperwork, but our expert will be there to support you with all the advice.

    What to do after bar or club Injury

    It’s troublesome to focus on evidence while you are suffering from an injury as injuries can have psychological impacts.

    Still try to collect the following details if possible:-

    • Details of witnesses, if any
    • Photographs or video of the hazard which caused your accident.
    • The name and contact details of the bar nightclub owner

    First of all, you should visit a doctor to get shouldn’t be take your injuries treated as injuries lightly. Sometimes, they can prove to be extremely serious if not taken care of. Secondly, it was causing the accident because of somebody else’s negligence, and then you should get in touch with our personal injury solicitor. You can file a compensation claim within three years from the time of your accident. So, file your claim as soon as possible as you stay alert right from the beginning in collecting evidence, medical bills, etc.

    If a bar and nightclub happen to be your workplace, then make sure the incident is reported and recorded in the accident book. There’s an official record of your injury happening, which will also act as solid evidence. We offer a No-Win-No-Fee agreement to our potential clients and charge only when you win from the compensation amount.

    Claiming compensation after a bar or club attack

    Getting attacked on a night out can be a very traumatic experience that can also impact you psychologically and leave you with painful physical injuries. Serious personal injuries can interfere with your everyday life. You may also need to take leaves from work, eventually leading to financial troubles as well.

    The main aim of claiming compensation is to put your life back together again and help recover the financial losses. Law and order are there to punish the person who attacked you.


     According to a Crime Survey, 561,000 cases of violence were reported in 2017/18 in which was attack the victim under the influence of alcohol!

    The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA)

    If your attackers were not identified or never arrested, charged, or found guilty, you could still file a compensation claim via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). The government runs CICA. Its purpose is to ensure payments to innocent victims of violent crime irrespective of the attacker’s identification status.

    Consulting a personal injury solicitor is very helpful as he will explain the best course of action for your case.

    How much compensation will you receive?

    The amount of compensation depends on physical injuries and their psychological and financial impacts on your life. A solicitor can estimate your compensation amount based on what happened to you. Your physical pain and suffering account for a part of the money you receive. The rest amount is to ensure financial recovery and future treatment costs. For example, your solicitor will look to cover:

    Any loss of income

    Medical expenses, cost of travel, accommodation, and rehabilitation cost.

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