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    Asbestos Compensation Claims Scotland | No win No fee

    asbestos compensation claims Scotland

    Asbestos compensation claims Scotland Being diagnosed with asbestosis can be both shocking and distressing for the person diagnosed and his family. If you have suffered from asbestos related Illness due to someone else’s negligence, you can claim compensation against loss that occurred physically or financially.

    Can I Claim For Asbestos Exposure?

    Exposure to Asbestos at any point of life makes one more prone to asbestos-related lung disease in the future. Asbestos has been used extensively across the United Kingdom in industry and construction. Thousands of workers and laborers have been unintentionally exposed to Asbestos during their work.

    The National Asbestos Helpline attempts to provide support and assistance to anyone suffering from sickness with Asbestos and understand if someone can claim compensation for his or her exposure to Asbestos.

    3 Years Limit For Making A Claim (asbestos compensation claims Scotland)

    One can file a compensation claim if someone is diagnosed within three years with Illness caused by exposure to Asbestos. These three years are also referred to as the limitation period. If an individual were diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease for more than three years (outside of the limitation period), it would mean they have run out of time to make a claim.

    If an asbestos-related disease has been diagnosed, there are higher chances for the occurrence of another kind of Illness. If a person hasn’t received total and final compensation, then sometimes a person who has already been diagnosed can again file for compensation if his health worsens. In other cases, the person gets full and final payment and can’t file for future compensation claims.

    If the initial claim was made on a “provisional” basis, then that person may be able to make another claim further down the line. Provisional claims usually distribute a smaller amount over a while. It also allows the claimant to file for future claims if more severe problems or disease develops later on.

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