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Ankle Injury Claims

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    Ankle Injury Compensation Claims

    Ankle Injury claim

    Making Ankle Injury Claim

    An ankle injury can cause you immense pain and even cause a limp or completely stop you from walking. You may also need to take a break from work while your ankle injury heals. You may have been unable to drive, do exercise, and do daily activities, which can cause stress.

    If your ankle injury results from someone else faults, you can file an ankle injury compensation claim. The compensation amount helps recover loss of income as well as other medical or physiotherapy expenses. If your ankle injury is serious and complications may exist for a long time, then your personal injury solicitor will try to get more compensation putting together your case.

    If you have any queries or doubts regarding filing your compensation claim for the ankle injury, you can speak to our expert legal adviser for free.

    Types of ankle injuries

    The ankles are susceptible to damage as they bear body weight and other forces while you are walking, running, or exercising. Damage can be serious if they are twisted way too far from their original symmetry.


    Ankle sprains and strains

    Stretching ligaments beyond normal positions may cause a sprain. Pulling the muscles and tendons can cause strains.

    Depending on the seriousness of sprains, they have been defined in three grades. Grade one refers to the least serious, whereas grade three sprains include surgery cases like ligament tears. Most of the strains and sprains cause swelling and extreme pain, which can cause difficulty in movement.


    Ankle fractures are a condition in which any of the ankle bones break. Fractures always need immediate medical attention and treatment. Broken bones may require wearing a cast or walk on crutches while it heals. These fractures often turn out to be very serious, and it may take months to heal.

    Causes of ankle injuries

    There can be many reasons for ankle injuries, but sometimes they can avoid them, like an ankle injury due to uneven pedestrian pavements, potholes, etc. The more incompetent a local authority is, the higher are the chances of you getting injured. It’s the duty of your employer and local authority to follow health and safety rules.

    Slips and trips can cause ankle injuries and fractures. Ankle injuries can happen anywhere, whether it’s your workplace, your home, during exercise, shopping, jogging, etc.

    To avoid injuries to the workers or employees, all employers and business owners should ensure that the floor area is kept clear of obstacles.

    Road accidents can also cause ankle injuries. Mostly cyclists, motorcyclists, and pedestrians are at high risk of getting their ankle jolted during a crash with another vehicle or by falling on the road.

    Starting your claim

    It would be best if you contact our legal expert as soon as possible and file your ankle injury compensation claim within the three years of your injury.

    Collect all evidence like photographs, CCTV footage, and videos if possible

    Keep a record of all your medical expenses, additional travel costs, and rehabilitation costs.

    An expert solicitor will help you throughout the ankle injury compensation claims process to ensure support at every step. They will ask many questions to understand the injury’s seriousness and how badly it’s impacting your daily life.

    Why choose us?

    We offer a No Win No fee agreement to our clients. It means that we charge if you win your claim.

    • We have no hidden charges.
    • Clear and transparent advice.
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    • Taking away all your headache of the claim process and keep you educated about your rights.
    • An expert personal injury lawyer is good at negotiating and can help you get more compensation for your ankle injury.
    • So, if you have suffered an ankle injury, feel free to call on and get free legal advice right now.
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