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Multiple Injury Claims

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    Claiming Compensation for Multiple Injuries


    What are multiple injuries?

    As we know that almost any injury can affect your life, but multiple injuries can end up with longer recovery time and can have long-lasting impacts on you and your family. Sadly, almost any accident can result in multiple injuries, and sometimes the second or third injury comes to light later on in your life. Usually, multiple injuries refer to wounds, breaks, or illnesses that resulted from the same accident.

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    Causes of multiple injuries

    Multiple injuries can cause by several different types of accident, but the most common are:

    •     Road traffic accidents, particularly motorbike accidents
    •     Medical negligence
    •     Accidents in the workplace
    •     Slips, trips, and falls
    •     Assault

    Regardless of the circumstances, if somebody else’s fault caused your accident, you are eligible to make serious multiple injury compensation claims.

    Impact of multiple injuries

    Any single injury can quickly turn impenetrable depending on your age, overall health, and ongoing medical conditions. With multiple injuries, the difficulty gets compounded because every injury results in a different set of disabilities, and every injury requires a different type of care. You will need to see different doctors for the treatment of the different injuries instantly after the accident. Over the long term, too, you may need different rehabilitation treatments.

    The multiple treatments can strain your resources if you’re unable to go back to work and lose out on earnings and other work-related perks. Besides, you may need to make structural changes to your home or your car to accommodate your disabilities or even hire full-time care services. All of this can cause a tremendous amount of stress on you and your family members.

    If it was not your fault, you should call a personal injury solicitor to determine legal procedures to make multiple injury claims for compensation.

    Compensation amount for multiple injuries?

    The compensation depends on:

    •     the type and severity of your injuries,
    •     the effect of multiple injuries on your life, and
    •     Any financial losses or costs you have incurred.

    In the beginning, your lawyer will consider a lot of ways your injuries have affected your life. Your lawyer will take all of these effects into account to provide the correct compensation award for you.

    Because no two cases are the same, it isn’t easy to precisely know how much compensation you might receive before making your claim. Your lawyer will consider the full effect of your multiple injuries when calculating your calculated compensation and will work hard to get you the money you need. For instance, your compensation can cover:

    Interim payments

    If your multiple injury claims are yet to settle, but you urgently need funds, you may be eligible to receive an interim payment.

    Once the opposite side has admitted liability for your injuries, your Solicitor can apply for interim payments of compensation. These amounts may be badly required and can help you manage expenses, such as:

    •     Daily household expenses
    •     Accumulated debts
    •     Any changes to home as per your injuries
    •     Private medical treatment and care needed.

    Simply put, interim payments can get you to begin on your road to recovery, even if your multiple injury claims aren’t entirely resolved.

    Proving who is responsible for an accident

    After an accident, it can be easy to feel unfair that it was not your fault but proving it is the tricky part, as you might not be in good condition after multiple injuries. That is where a solicitor comes in handy. They will collect as much evidence as possible to prove who was liable for your damage. It will make your claim a lot easier for securing compensation.

    The situation gets complicated when the liability is not accepted. Then your case might go to Court. There you will need to show that it was the opposite side’s fault, they owed you a duty of care and violated that duty, and you ended up suffering multiple injuries.

    To show the negligence of the other party, you need some solid evidence, such as:

    • Photos or videos of the scene
    • Details of any witnesses
    • Photos of your injuries
    • Any police incident numbers

    Time limit to make a claim?

    By law, a claim has to be made at Court within three years of the knowledge of the problem. If the patient is under 18 or lacks mental capacity, a guardian can claim on their behalf. 

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