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Fall From Height Claims

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    Fall From Height Claims | No Win No Fee | Personal injury claims

    fall from height Claims

    Fall from height Claims can be a real life-changing experience. The few seconds for which a person falls can feel like a lifetime and can have far-reaching consequences both physically and mentally. The physical injuries resulting from falls from height can be severe ones.

    Fall from height accidents can cause injuries like fractures, broken bones, injuries to the back and head. Height from fall can even cause death depending on the angle of body impact and height of fall.

    Causes: Fall from height claims

    There may be many reasons for falling from height depending on industry types:

    •     Warehouse workers – Here, injury happens while climbing ladders or using cherry pickers to reach higher shelves.
    •     Construction workers- who use scaffolding, cranes, ladders and will have to spend time on the roof of buildings
    •     Civil Engineers and architects, on-site or over an under-construction structure
    •     Shop workers placing items on shelves

    If your employer failed to provide safety equipment and a comparatively safer environment, you could compensate for fall from a height claims.

    Essential steps to take after falling from a height

    Aside from medical attention needed after getting injured, there is other stuff you should do after falling from a height, which will help in your compensation claim. Create a record of the events in the accident book, kept on the work floor or in the Human resources department.

     Make sure you have the photographs of the scene of the accident depicting the reason for the accident.

    •     Have photographs of your injuries.
    •     Have witness statements if possible to support your claim.
    •     Keep all medical records, including all tests, prescribed medicines, the doctor’s diagnosis, the treatment recommended.
    •     Keeping a description of the medical expenses will help in claiming more compensation.
    •     Reach out to an expert personal injury lawyer who can help you determine your eligibility to file a compensation claim.

    Eligibility: for Compensation of fall from height Claims

    You can get compensation for falling from height when you can prove the fault or mistake of somebody else. If it’s your own mistake, then you are not liable to file and get a claim. Must file the claim within three years of an accident.

    How Injury Claims In Scotland can help you

    You should consult an expert personal injury solicitor as it can help you collect the necessary evidence, the procedure of filing, and estimating the compensation after assessing your injury. Personal injury solicitors who specialize in accidents at work know what their rights are to claim the injury compensation, and most are experienced in managing all types of workplace accidents.

    The personal injury lawyer will also check your eligibility and help in negotiations out of court settlement. We offer you a No Win No Fee agreement, which means you pay us only if you win, and the fees will be charged from the compensation amount only.

    How much will my claim be worth?

    The amount of compensation is dependent on various factors like physical injuries, their psychological impact on you. There can be special damages that can claim loss of earning or other financial losses due to ongoing and future rehabilitation and medical treatments.

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