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Scaffolding Accident Claims

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    Scaffolding Accident Claims | NO Win No Fee

    Scaffolding Accident Claims

    Scaffolding Accident Claims
    Construction-related jobs always involve a degree of risk as you are constantly dealing with heights, temporary structures, etc. Despite being in a construction job, it’s your right to have minimum possible risk, and your employer has to minimize the risk involved.

    Many workplace accidents can be avoided if an employer takes an added precaution. Health and safety rules should be followed to ensure workers’ maximum safety, and safety equipment should be used to reduce the risk further. Most scaffolding accident results in severe injuries due to the height factor.

    An injury has a psychological impact on a person due to pain and staying out of work during treatment. Expenses for medical treatment can also be a reason to worry.

    Causes of scaffolding accidents

    There may be many reasons for scaffolding accidents like:


    Experienced and well-trained workers should erect scaffolding. An incorrectly erected scaffolding can collapse, leading to injuries to the workers working on the scaffolding at the time. Moreover, the workers can fall over other workers working below or on the people passing by. The objects may fall from the scaffolding on the pedestrians or passers-by. Your employer has to make sure the structure is safe under all weather conditions.

    Falls from height

    Because of missing handrails or faulty equipment, falls from height can happen.

    Slips or trips and fall

    You are carrying loads while on scaffolding can cause imbalance, and you may trip down. Uneven scaffolding can also cause you to trip and fall. During rainy, windy, and snow season, workers can also slip off the scaffolding.

    Duty of Employer

    Many people are not aware of their rights at the workplace and blame themselves for the injury or accident. Your employer is bound by law to take care of the employees or workers from work hazards and keep you as safe as possible while you’re at work.

    While working on heights, you should be provided with a hard hat or harness for safety. Proper risk assessment should be carried put keeping potential dangers into consideration and put measures in place to avoid accidents.

    There are three main pieces of legislation that your employer has to follow when it comes to scaffolding safety:

    •     Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 – As per this regulation, you should be provided with enough safety equipment required at work.
    •     The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 – This regulation mentions the sets out the rules for using workplace equipment properly. it also states that only trained employees should be allowed to use the equipment.
    •     The Work at Height Regulations 2005 – As per this regulation, the people working at heights should have enough training and resources required to work on heights. The risks should be evaluated beforehand.

    So, if your employer has failed in following health and safety rules, then you can file a scaffolding accident claims against your employer.

    Filing scaffolding accidents claim

    You should reach out to an expert personal injury solicitor who will help determine whether you can make a successful compensation claim. We understand that you have already been suffering from physical and emotional stress post injuries.

    Your solicitor can help decide the compensation amount based on the physical injuries and pain you have suffered. The recovery period also plays a role in determining the amount.

    For injuries recovered in a shorter period are liable for less compensation, while the injuries taking a long time to recover may attract more compensation. Most scaffolding claims are covered through liability insurance that your employer has taken.

    This means this compensation claim won’t put the financial burden on your employer as well.

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