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Compensation for Repetitive Strain Injury

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    Compensation for Repetitive Strain Injury | No Win No Fee

    compensation for repetitive strain injury

    What is Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)?

    Compensation for repetitive strain injury
    Repetitive strain injury (RSI)
    is common when specific tasks are performed repeatedly and exaggerated in harsh environments. Repetitive movements of muscles and over exhausting them can cause pain in muscles, nerves, and tendons. It can be called an upper limb disorder related to work.

    Causes of Repetitive Strain Injury

    RSI usually occurs within the wrist, forearm, elbow, shoulder, and neck. High-intensity activities without sufficient breaks and working continuously in a bad posture can lead to repetitive strain injury. As per Work Act 1974, the Repetitive Strain Injury can occur in people doing mechanical jobs, handling machines, and working in offices sitting in bad posture.

    Cold temperatures and stress can be contributing factors.

    • They were carrying heavy objects or putting stress on a particular muscle repeatedly.
    • Using vibrating machines
    • Activities are requiring high force movements.
    • The workplace requires working in a bad posture.
    • We are staying in the same posture for extended periods.
    • A particular body part is coming under direct pressure.
    • General body weakness unable to bear mechanical work

    Duty of an Employer (Compensation For Repetitive Strain Injury)

    An employer has to assess the risk involved in the workplace. They are required by law to eliminate any risk involved in the workplace. Risks have to be minimized by providing safety equipment. The staff must be trained well before assigning risky tasks to them. If your employer fails in any of the following duties, he may be held responsible for an injury.

    Symptoms of repetitive strain injury?

    Some of the foremost common symptoms are:

    • Tenderness, aching, and pain.
    • Stiffness within the affected area.
    • A throbbing sensation.
    • A numb or tingling sensation.
    • Cramping
    • The weakness of the affected muscles

    The compensation claim for a Repetitive Strain Injury

    The amount of compensation you may receive if your RSI claim succeeds will rely on various factors. The personal injury solicitor will analyze the reason behind the RSI. If the effects are short term, the compensation will be lesser, and if the impact is for a lifetime, then the compensation can be considerably higher.

    Because we glance at each case differently, we can’t tell you exactly what quantity you may receive before starting your claim. As a guide, you’ll receive up to £3,000 for a minor case of RSI where you’ll quickly recover, while serious life-changing RSI injuries may be awarded up to £20,000.

    It would be best to contact a trusted specialist personal injury claims solicitors like experts to debate your potential claim in additional detail.

    How injury claims in Scotland help you?

    Personal Injury experts will help analyze your eligibility for a compensation claim and estimate the amount you may get as compensation. They will also help you in collecting evidence. We take your entire headache away as we under you have been already suffering psychologically and physically from the impacts of Repetitive Strain Injury

    Sometimes compensation claim takes longer, and we take care of your case. We offer No Win No fee to our clients. So, you don’t need to pay us in advance, and you only pay if you get the claim amount. To cope with your medical expenses, our Personal Injury solicitor can even help get interim payments before the actual compensation is decided. Your personal Injury expert is just a call away always and helps you get your Repetitive Injury Compensation without much hassle.


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