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Optician Negligence Claims

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    Optician Negligence Claims | No Win No Fee

    Optician Negligence Claims

    What is optician negligence?

    Optician Negligence Claims
    The failure of an optician to provide you a reasonable standard of care is called optician negligence. All opticians have a duty of care towards you and are responsible for giving you a high standard of treatment and avoiding further damage. Your eyesight may have damaged if they have failed to uphold this duty, which can have some serious effect on your mental health as well as your standard of living.

    If you want to start a claim and learn more or need an explanation on whether you could make a claim, you can connect with our trained legal expert for free.

    Types of optician negligence

    The eyes are such an exquisite part of the body. Even a small medical error can cause permanent damage to your sight. Types of optician negligence are below:

    Misdiagnosis: If your optician wrongly diagnoses you, then the treatment you receive may be incorrect and cause further damage.


    Failure to diagnose an eye problem: Your optician may have completely misdiagnosed an eye condition which could have resulted in delayed treatment, and your condition may become worse.


    Delaying further treatment: Delayed eye treatment is recommended in some cases by your optician. If they fail to acknowledge that your condition is serious and need treatment right away, this might count as negligence.


    If your optician prescribes the incorrect strength of glasses or contact lenses, it will be another example of optical negligence. It can also damage your eyesight to get your vision back to how it was. You might then need corrective surgery. In some serious cases, the damage can be permanent.


    It can also affect your ability to see. These mistakes can also cause some complications such as:

    Headaches or migraines

    • Dry eyes
    • Double vision
    • Eyestrain
    • Poor night vision

    No matter what kind of eye injury you have suffered, If the injury is caused by the mistake of your optician, then we may be able to help you claim.

    Laser eye surgery errors

    These days laser eye surgery is becoming very common. It includes cutting open the cornea and reshaping by using a laser, and it’s usually very effective. Everything goes smoothly in most cases. But sometimes errors do happen – either because of the wrong recommendation or during your treatment. The consequences of these mistakes can be very serious. For instance, it could cause limited night vision, astigmatism, dry eyes, or permanent damage to your eyesight.

    How to ask for help? (Optician Negligence Claims)

    Eye injury may lead to problems with vision, which can affect your ability to work, drive, hobbies, and play sports. It also impacts mental health, can cause depression, anxiety, lack of self-esteem. Your legal adviser will let you know if you could make a compensation claim and get the best personal injury solicitor.

    Start with a no win no fee agreement claim.

    We offer a no win no fee agreement to our clients, which reduces the financial risk, and you need to pay your lawyer fees only if your case is successful. Will charge up the lawyer fee to a maximum of 25% of your compensation amount.

    Claiming optician negligence

    The first thing you should do is get in touch with our trained legal adviser for free. They’ll ask you some questions to know more about your case and the effect of the eye injury on your daily life. It helps gather proof to prove the optician’s negligence and helps estimate the right compensation amount to claim your eye injury.

    You may be examined by an independent eye expert who will prepare your medical report. It helps in deciding if you could avoid the eye injury if you administered proper treatment to you.

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