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Needlestick Injury Compensation

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    Needlestick Injury Compensation | No Win No Fee

    Needlestick Injury Compensation

    What's a needlestick injury Compensation?

    Needlestick Injury Compensation
    When needles or other sharp objects accidentally puncture the skin, it results in needlestick injuries. Medical staff working with medical equipment are more prone to needle stick injuries. Workers working in other jobs like construction, sanitation may also be at risk of needlestick injuries.

    Needlestick injuries can cause blood viruses apart from the pain caused by the cut or puncture wound. Severe diseases like Tetanus, HIV, or Hepatitis can also happen, which can be life-changing and have long-lasting consequences on your health.

    Your employer has a legal duty to provide the proper training and implement safety procedures to ensure safety from a needle stick injury.

    Common causes of needlestick injuries

    Apart from medical staff, people working in cleaning or waste disposal might also be at risk, mainly if sharp objects or needles haven’t been improperly disposed of. Barbed wires, nails can cause injuries to the people working in the construction sector. Most people believe that needlestick injuries are not a matter to worry. But people who get serious illness realize how dangerous even a needle stick can get.

    If you have suffered from a severe injury, you should contact an expert personal injury lawyer. An expert can tell if you can file a successful case of needle stick injury compensation claim.

    Needlestick injuries in the workplace

    The Health and Safety Executive has given official safety procedures guidelines for employers to avoid injuries at the workplace. As per the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, employers should provide personal protective equipment (PPE) and training on handling sharp objects.

    So, in case your employer neglected the health and safety rules, you can file a needlestick injury compensation claim against them. Many people fear losing their jobs if they file a claim against their employer. By law, your employer can’t mistreat you for filing a needlestick injury compensation claim against them. All employers must take an Employers’ Liability Insurance to pay out for any compensation claims made against them in the future.

    Injuries or illnesses caused by hazardous substances

    Working with sharp medical objects can put one at risk of hazardous chemicals or biological agents, such as bodily fluids. The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) 2002 avoids suffering from an injury or condition because of getting in contact with these substances.

    The contaminated needles and equipment should be disposed of carefully. The risk should be assessed regularly. The staff should be appropriately trained and educated about the risks involved in dealing with contaminated objects.

    Why make a compensation claim?

    A compensation claim aims at providing financial assistance for the treatment cost incurred due to the needle stick injury. An expert personal injury solicitor can help in working out your compensation amount to claim based on your needle stick injury’s effect on your life and financial conditions.

    it means your compensation could cover:

    •     Physical pain
    •     Psychological impact
    •     Future medical expenses
    •     Loss of earning
    •     Any transport or accommodation costs
    •     Your rehabilitation needs
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