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Knee Injury Claims

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    Knee Injury Claims

    knee injury Claims

    knee injury Claims
    Knee injuries can cause immense pain and stress. A knee injury may have brought your life to a halt while you’re recovering. It may also put a person and the whole family under stress and financial pressure while a person cannot work. Things you can claim compensation for are:

    •     Pain and suffering, both physical and psychological
    •     Loss of income
    •     Medical treatment and prescriptions
    •     Any future treatments, including rehabilitation and physiotherapy

    Claiming knee injury compensation

    You should be able to make a compensation claim against the person who is responsible for your injury. You can connect with our expert legal advisor for free. Then your case will be passed to a specialist solicitor.

    You’re under no obligation to go ahead with your claim if you choose to speak to a solicitor about your injury. You can claim compensation for various types of knee injuries.

    Examples of a knee injury for which you can claim compensation for includes :

    •     Dislocations
    •     Cartilage damage
    •     Fractures
    •     Muscle damage
    •     Ligament damage
    • Fractures of the knee

    The patella is an essential and primary bone in the knee, and the sudden impact can cause it to crack or shatter. It is a severe injury and can take time to recover. It can also require surgery.

    Dislocation of the knee

    The patella can also be dislocated, which can damage the muscles, tendons, ligaments which surround your knee, and it can be excruciating. There’s more chance in the future that it can happen again.

    Ligament damage to the knee

    Ligaments join the knee joint. Ligaments damage can make everyday activities difficult such as walking and driving.

    The ACL(Anterior Cruciate Ligament) is the most common form of ligament injury, which commonly needs surgery to reconstruct the ligament. For the other ligaments in the knee, the same treatment is used.

    •     Lateral Collateral Ligament.
    •     Medial Collateral Ligament(MCL).
    •     Posterior Cruciate Ligament(PCL)

    Compensation amount for a knee injury claim?

    It’s difficult to tell precisely how much compensation one could receive. But you can try our compensation calculator to calculate how much your claim might be worth. Depending on the individual conditions of your accident, the compensation of your accident is calculated.

    How can I prove who was responsible for a knee injury claim?

    Your solicitor must prove the following points to make a successful claim:

    • The other party breached its duty of care towards you
    • That your injuries happened due to their carelessness
    •  Your solicitor will go through all the circumstances of the incident that caused the knee injury to decide if the other party owed you a duty of care. It is the minimum that is needed to be able to pursue a knee injury compensation claim.

    Gathering evidence for a personal injury claim

    It is beneficial if you’re able to provide evidence to support your knee injury claims. If your proof is more potent, then your case will be stronger. It also knows your details if you lose savings and any costs and expenses you have had to pay out due to your injuries. It would be best if you kept all receipts, invoices to give to your solicitor.

    When should I make a knee injury claim?

    You only have three years after the accident to start legal proceedings, so you should start your injury claim as soon as possible. After three years, you will be time-barred and can not make a compensation claim.

     If you want to claim on behalf of a child, you have a period until they turn 18, and the three-year policy will start when they hit 18, which means they have time until they turn 21. If you are claiming a person under a mental disability, the three-year time period will start when they will regain their mental capacity.

    Your knee injury claim has no win no fee basis. It means that if your claim is unsuccessful, you don’t have to pay anything at all.  If you win the case, then the solicitor will charge a success fee that a percentage of the compensation claim will be agreed upon between you and the solicitor.

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