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Farm Accident Compensation

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    farm accident Compensation

    Farm Accident Compensation
    There are a high number of farmers and farmworkers in the UK. Sometimes accidents do happen in farming as well. Farming can be of various types like agriculture work, animal farms, poultry farms, etc. Some farms are on a smaller scale, and some are on a vast scale with many farmworkers.

    Some farm work may include working with farm machinery and equipment or working with farm animals. If you have suffered from farm-related injuries, then you can file for a farm accident compensation claim. The farm accident claims also cover anyone who has been injured on a farm; it might be a farmworker, a visitor, or a guest.

    Common farm accidents

    The most common farm accidents include:

    •     Hit by a moving vehicle like a tractor or moving or falling object like a tree branch
    •     Fall from height
    •     Being hit by a moving or falling object such as the branch of a tree
    •     Injury caused by an animal
    •     Drowning or asphyxiation
    •     Injury caused by machinery

    Some farm accidents can be fatal as well, or some may have life-changing consequences. Many farmworkers develop illnesses over time, which might be traced back to inhaling dangerous dust, coming into contact with toxic chemicals, being exposed to noise and vibrations, and being affected by zoonoses  an umbrella term covering a range of illnesses that can be passed from animals to humans.

    Regardless of how the injury or disease occurred, it should examine it in light of the duty of care an employer has. The person running the farm is also responsible for their employee’s problems with health and safety. Owners should hold our regular risk assessments of any activities.

    farm accident Compensation

    What can I claim for?

    Every farm accident case is different. However, the compensation amount depends on the seriousness of the injury. Serious injuries impact one’s daily life and hence can lead to more compensation. Personal injury claims usually involve claiming for two sorts of compensation: General damages and special damages.

    General damages cover the pain, suffering you have got suffered as a result of your farm-related injuries. Special damages involve compensation for loss of earnings or future medical expenses etc.

    Filing claiming farm accident compensation

    If you have suffered injuries and someone else can be blamed, you can claim farm accident compensation. If the farm owner failed to ensure your safety at work and injuries occurred because of the farm owner’s negligence, then you can file a compensation claim against the farm owner.

    However, it must claim within the three years of the injury. In case of a diagnosed illness, the claim should be filed within three years of the diagnosis. You have to prove the negligence; hence you need to keep the accounts of any witnesses, the entry in an accident book, medical records, etc. Any photographs or video of the incident scene can make it easier to win the compensation amount.

    How much compensation can you get?

    The compensation amount will depend on the seriousness of injuries or the severity of your illness. If your future working capabilities are impacted, you can get the special damages covers, including immediate and future expenses like travel costs, medical bills, and loss of earnings.

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