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Domestic Violence Compensation

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    Domestic violence compensation

    Domestic violence compensation

    Are you a domestic violence victim?

    Domestic violence compensation
    The thought of suffering at the hands of a loved one is terrifying. Domestic violence victims feel helpless, thinking that nobody will help them get out of their sufferings. However, you can file a domestic violence compensation that can be the first step in getting back on your feet financially. A legal expert consultation makes you feel better psychologically with someone recognizing your suffering.

    You can reach out to our expert legal adviser for free. You can’t be compelled to file a compensation claim, and we would be happy to help you with your queries even if you’re looking for help.

    Domestic violence types

    Domestic violence can have a devastating effect on you physically, leaving scars and signs of injuries. Years of abuse can adversely impact your mental well being and suppress your original personality. Domestic violence is a terrifying and heinous crime as your loved ones are meant to protect you.

    Many domestic violence victims are reluctant to file a case or compensation claim as they are still in love with their abuser, and years of abuse have caused them to believe domestic violence is routine.

    Domestic violence might include:

    • Physical abuse – This includes being beaten up or being contained by your loved ones.
    • Emotional abuse – Emotions are abstract and are sometimes not visible clearly. Emotional abuse includes threats of violence, scathing criticism, and controlling behaviour.
    • Psychological abuse – When a partner manipulates you to feel insane, insecure, or guilty. The person suffers from a lack of decision-making capabilities and lack of confidence due to psychology built up during years of the abuse.
    • Financial abuse – If your loved one deprives you of accessing your bank account or to denies any shared money, food, or clothes.
    • Sexual abuse – is when a partner is made to feel relevant only sexually and forced into unwanted unnatural sex acts. You may be made to feel ashamed of your appearance and made to feel inferior sexually.

    If you have decided to end this all torture, we are here to help you file a domestic violence compensation claim for your injuries. You can call us to get free legal advice.

    Children in domestic cases

    As per National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty (NSPCC) estimates domestic violence cases involving children are common in the UK with around 20% of children experiencing domestic abuse and about 7% being a victim themselves.

    Children can be adversely impacted in some cases of domestic violence where they have either witnessed abuse or have been a victim themselves. Such children may have hindered mental development and suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

    Money can’t compensate for the pain and abuse a child has faced. However, it can help heal the trauma faster. You can file a domestic violence compensation claim on behalf of your child or being a guardian.

    CICA and criminal injuries

    The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) is a government-funded organization that ensures financial aid for people suffering due to criminal injury and people in situations where they’ve fallen victim to a violent crime, including domestic violence. Emotional and psychological domestic abuse is sometimes hard to prove, and getting a conviction for these crimes may be more difficult, making you believe helpless.

    • However, CICA may be still able to help you with compensation claim if:
    • The compensation claim is made within the three years of the incident
    • You reported the incident to the police
    • You co-operate with CICA and police
    • To claim with CICA, it should be made within the two years of the abuse. While processing your claim, courts consider that domestic violence victims are sometimes unable to report on time.
    • Compensation claim amount for domestic abuse
    • The person who made you suffer from domestic violence is likely a family member or partner, thus putting you in a dilemma. An expert solicitor may help you have a transparent thought process and get the compensation you deserve. Compensation amount aims at:
    • Covering the costs of loss of income
    • Expenses for medical treatment or medication
    • Covering other impacts of the abuse on your life
    • So, getting justice and compensation is your right. We are standing rock solid with you and help you get what you deserve. Call us and talk to our expert domestic violence expert.
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