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Dog Bite Compensation

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    Dog Bite Compensation

    Dog bite Compensation

    How to claim compensation for a dog bite

    Dog bite Compensation
    Dogs are the most reliable friend of human beings; however, sometimes dogs can go unpredictable and cause serious injuries. Dog bites can cause permanent scars on the skin and can damage nerves, muscles, and bones. A severe dog bite can even cause amputation of limbs if the infection is left untreated.

    A legal expert can help you file a compensation claim for a dog bite even if:

    • the dog owner doesn’t have a pet insurance
    • the dog’s or its owner could not be found
    • your loved one got injured in the dog attack
    • You can claim compensation to cover the physical pain, psychological impact, and financial loss that the dog attack has had on your life.
    • Consult our trained legal adviser for free and know if you can file a successful claim.

    After a dog bite or dog attack: What to do?

    • Get the bite checked by a doctor or some medical staff
    • Please report it to the police and the local authority dog warden.
    • Note the dog owner’s details (name and address)
    • The name and breed of the dog
    • Details of their vet
    • photos or videos of your injury
    • Keep the unwashed clothing you were wearing at the time of the dog attack
    • Have attack’s written account
    • Details of any witnesses
    • A formal medical record from the doctor treating you and a hospital record if you had hospital treatment

    When dog attack injuries can happen

    Dog bites and other dog-related injuries can happen in a public place, private property, or workplace. It can happen at the Local Park or playground, at a neighbour’s house, or on the street. Sometimes dogs can even enter your private property and cause someone injuries. Wherever the dog attack happened, if you are not at fault, you should be able to file for dog bite compensation.

    Dangerous Dogs Act of 1991

    The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 was passed to keep the most dangerous and aggressive breeds of dog that are currently banned in the UK:

    • Dogo Argentino
    • Pit Bull Terriers
    • Filo Brasileiro
    • Japanese Tosa

    The Dangerous Dogs Act makes it mandatory for dog owners to keep their dogs in control always.

    If you find a dog potentially harmful, you can report the owner to the dog warden at your local council.

    Guard dog bites

    Guard Dogs Act 1975 defines a guard dog as a dog used to protect any property or protect a person. If a guard dog causes your injury and it wasn’t your fault, then the dog owner may be liable to pay dog injury compensation.

    If you fail to ignore warning signs, and it’s your fault, you will not be able to make a successful compensation claim.

    Stray dog bites

    Stray dog bites can be more dangerous than your actual injuries as they can cause rabies or tetanus. Moreover, you are unsure against who to file a claim as stray dogs don’t have owners. In such cases, you can file a dog injury compensation claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). Local authorities can also be held accountable for the stray dog menace.

    Responsibilities of Dog owners

    All dog owners are required by law(Dangerous Dogs Act) to keep their dogs under control at all times. Appropriate precautions should be taken such as:

    • Keeping the dog on a leash
    • Muzzling it
    • Getting training classes for the dog
    • Keeping dogs in a separate section when visitors are to your home

    What to do if a dog bites or attacks your child

    In case a dog bites your child, ensure medical treatment as soon as possible. Their medical records should also be checked to ensure their timely tetanus vaccinations.

    You can make a compensation claim on behalf of your child as well. In such cases, the dog owner should take more care when children are around the dog. Try to get in touch with an expert solicitor as soon as possible as your child will be able to furnish details with fresh memories of the attack.

    Dog bite claim with us: No win, No fee

    You should consult a legal adviser as they can tell whether you can file a dog injury claim successfully or not. We offer a No Win No fee agreement to our potential clients. It means you never need to pay our fees personally. We take payments only if you win and from the compensation amount that you will receive.

    How compensations help you

    Dog bite Compensation can help you make up for physical, psychological, and financial stress in many ways like:

    • Pay for private medical treatment for your injury
    • Cover loss of income
    • Cover future medical, travel, rehabilitation costs

    Dog bite compensation claims amount

    The amount of compensation for a dog bite or dog-related injury depends on how severe the injury is and how it affected your daily life. It might be not easy to estimate the effects in the beginning. According to current injury compensation guidelines:

    • A minor hand injury: £4,500 worth of compensation
    • Loss of a part of a finger: £7,400 value of compensation
    • A severe hand injury with permanent loss: £58,000 value of compensation

    How long you have to make a claim

    A dog bite or dog injury compensation claim should be filed within three years from the incident date. Therefore, you should file your compensation claim at the earliest. For a child injury claim, you can file a claim until they reach 18 years. Else can file a claim between 18 and 21(again, three years limit after adulthood). If you are claiming on behalf of a mentally incapable person, the three-year period starts after they regain their mental capacity.

    The time limit is usually two years for the dog bite compensation claims through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

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