Construction Building Site Accident Compensation no win no fee

Construction Building Site Accident Compensation

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    Construction Building Site Accident Compensation Claim | No Win No Fee

    Construction Building Site Accident Compensation

    What is a Construction Accident Compensation?

    Construction Building Site Accident Compensation
    The construction process always has a risk factor involved, and people working at construction sites are more prone to accidents. If you have suffered an accident at a construction site, you can file a compensation claim. Construction accidents can be caused by employers who are negligent in their duty of care.

    Construction Accident Types:-

    Construction accidents can be like:-

    •     Falling from height, from ladders or scaffolding
    •     Hit by any construction-related object falling from a height
    •     Manual handling accidents and defective machinery accidents.
    •     Accidents caused by lifting, moving vehicles like forklifts and dumping trucks
    •     Injuries from electric shock, welding, or chemical burns

    Construction injuries can cause broken bones, head injuries, internal injuries, and back injury, leading to paralysis. Some injuries may even cause death. As per records, Falls from height account for about 30% of all construction accident claims.

    Injuries on construction sites

    Construction site accidents can cause various injuries – starting from simple strains or sprains to life-changing head injuries or spinal damage. You can file for a compensation claim if the accident has occurred within three years of filing the claim and a third person’s fault caused the accident.

    Poor health and safety on building sites also can lead to back injuries from heavy work. Using vibrating machines for a long time may cause motor function issues. Faulty machinery or minor negligence can cause fractures, strain injuries, and even amputations.

    Most equipment used at building sites is large, powerful, and infrequently unwieldy. Proper training and skills are crucial for anyone assigned to control these machines. Poor maintenance of the devices, inadequate training, and insufficient experience may end up in serious injuries.

    The scaffolding that’s old or damaged, incorrectly assembled, or carelessly inspected are often a source of injury to one or several people around if it breaks and falls off. Anyone working below the scaffolding is always in danger of getting struck by the falling parts.

    Joints, muscles, and bones can get strained by lifting things incorrectly or without using suitable work equipment. Attempting to move only one item that might be too bulky or repeatedly lifting many objects incorrectly can cause injuries!

    Claiming Compensation for Construction Accident Injuries

    If you’ve been injured in an accident on a construction site, you may reach to our Personal Injury expert. Our Personal Injury Solicitor will help you decide whether you have got grounds for a claim. It is often a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our friendly advisors.

    There is a three-year cut-off date for starting construction accident claims.

    How Much Could Your Construction Accident Claim is Worth?

    The compensation amount depends on the severity of injuries and the severity of the accident. Mild injuries lead to less compensation, while Serious and longer-lasting injuries typically receive more compensation. It is often because they often have more of an effect on your life.

    Sometimes the injury can lead to long-term medical care expenses. You can also claim compensation for out-of-pocket costs. It’s called special damages and includes travel expenses, medical bills, lost earnings, and private care. In case of loss of earning, the compensation amount can go higher.

    What to do after an injury at a construction site (Construction Building Site Accident Compensation)

    Your health and safety should get priority. If you’ve been seriously injured, getting your injuries attended should precede filing a compensation claim.

    1). You should get an entire check-up at the hospital’s casualty department and have a detailed written report of your injuries and, therefore, the treatment that has been prescribed.

    2). Record the main details of the incident within the accident report book. All workplaces are required to keep an accident report book on site. These records are used as evidence to support your case.

    3). Keep all of the medical bills and the other incidental tabs associated with your injury or subsequent treatment. If the court rules in your favour, all of those expenses will need to be borne by the employer.


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