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Compensation For Paralysis

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    Injury Claims for Accidents Leading to Paralysis

    Compensation For Paralysis

    Personal injuries and paralysis

    Compensation For Paralysis
    There are a large number of injuries for which a person can make a successful compensation claim. Injuries that, at first, seem ‘minor’ can have some drastic effect on the victim’s life and limit the walking capability of a victim.


     Cases in which the victims of accidents suffer severe injuries may include paralysis. In such cases, the paralyzed person and his family will be badly affected for a lifetime.


    Common accidents that can cause paralysis

    According to the Spinal Injury Network, most paralysis is mainly caused by road accidents, work-related accidents, and sports-related injuries. The seriousness of the injuries caused varies. Running from paraplegia to quadriplegia, complete loss of all four limbs and impacts can be huge.


    If you are injured by somebody else’s mistake, then other parties should have to pay compensation, which will help the victim cope with slow and painful procedures.

    The scale of injuries leading to paralysis

    The scale of the problem caused by paralysis is more than the number of affected people every year. Such injuries are often frequent amongst younger people, causing care expenses in the future, incompetence to earn money that was accessible before the accident occurred, and the life options are immediately closed. It is thus much more severe than virtually any other type of injury. A spinal cord injury can cause paralysis.


    • By spinal cord injury, in the UK and Ireland, approximately 1,000 people per year suffer. 
    •  Most of those people affected are young adults. 
    •  Around 80% of people who were affected are male. 
    •  In UK and Ireland, 50,000 people are living with the effects of paralysis 
    • The economic cost of paralysis is £1 billion per annum. 
    •  Recently, a spinal cord injury that causes paralysis cannot be cured.

     Types of paralysis

    Localized: It affects a specific part of the body, i.e. face or foot.

    Generalized – It affects more prominent areas of the body.

     More specific medical terms include:


    • Monoplegia –In monoplegia, only one limb is paralyzed.
    • Hemiplegia: In hemiplegia, both an arm and a leg on the same side of the body are paralyzed. 
    • Paraplegia: In paraplegia, both legs are paralyzed, and sometimes the pelvis and other parts of the lower body.
    • Tetraplegia (or quadriplegia) – both arms and legs are paralyzed.
      Head Injuries, strokes, and spinal cord injuries are three significant causes of paralysis.


    If you were injured at work, your employers are liable under the Health and Safety at Work 1974 Act. Your employer should follow the legislation to ensure that the environment in which you work will be safe. Specific rules apply to areas such as working at height, operating a forklift truck, working with equipment, and they should carry out regular and detailed risk assessment designed to keep you safe.


    If you suffered an injury that led to paralysis in a road traffic accident, then you can claim against any negligent party,

    You could claim compensation with MIB(Motor Insurance Bureau) if a careless uninsured driver caused your injury.


    If the accidents happen due to the actions of other’s negligent behaviour, in that case, the health and safety constitution does not apply,


    Getting compensation for paralysis caused by an accident

    You will have to show that the accident wouldn’t have happened if the third party was negligent for a successful compensation claim. You may need physiotherapy if you have had paralysis. The Compensation claim amount will include the past, current, and future expenses on your care. We offer a no-win-no-fee system of personal injury claims not to feel the financial burden of legal fees when you have been already suffering. The compensation amount helps to make the rest of your life as much comfortable and better as possible.

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