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Claiming Against the Council

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    Claiming Against the Council | No win No Fee | Personal Injury Claims

    Claiming Against the Council

    Claiming Compensation From Councils and Local Authorities

    Claiming Against the Council
    Councils and Local Authorities are the parts of the local government who, as part of their jobs, ensure the health and safety of public members in the local area. They maintain many different services such as schools, public areas, sports facilities, and transport services.

    Each local authority is responsible for the supervision and maintenance of its area and its services. These authorities have a duty of care to public members to ensure that their health and safety are a priority. They are expected to execute frequent assessments of the services that they provide to reduce hazards and accidents in a public place.


    They also have to make people aware of these risks and hazards as this could reduce the risk of an accident occurring. Suppose you have involved in an accident and get injured on a property owned by a council or local authority. In that case, you may be eligible to claim if it was caused as a result of negligent behavior on their behalf.


    Firstly, if you want to make a claim, you must get in touch with a trained legal adviser for free. They will be able to tell you whether you have a claim or not. The amount of compensation you will receive will depend on the type of injury you’ve suffered, how serious it is, how much it cost you, and the ways it affects you and your life.

    Claiming against the local authority for a slide or fall

    We often work on the slips trips or fall claims. There are many different ways when such cases can occur. Perhaps you slipped due to a pothole in the road? Maybe you tripped because there was not adequate signing warning you about roadworks?


    Regardless of the situation, so long as the injury was not your fault, all you need to do is contact us, and we will handle everything for you. You will be clear about claims against the council for personal injury after slips, trips, and falls after talking to us.


    Local authorities are expected to intervene when told about a danger on its land or property. So, once notified, they should quickly fix the problem or carry out a risk evaluation.

    Claiming for playground and leisure center accidents


    The accidents at the playground and leisure Centre are also common, and this also comes under The local authority’s duty of care. If an accident happens, they will be responsible for compensation, so they should make sure these resources are safe for use to avoid accidents.

    If you want to claim the local authority, you will have to support your claim by gathering evidence. Here are some critical steps to take:

    See a doctor: This is the place where you should begin, and this is by going to the hospital for your injuries. Even if you think your injuries are minor, please ensure you see a doctor. Of course, this is vital for your health, but also your claim too. Without a professional medical report, you will face difficulty to make a compensation claim.


    Get witness details: Did anyone else was present at the time of the accident? If so, get their contact details. Their statement will help to strengthen your case.


    Take photographs: If there is any visible damage at the scene or your injuries are visible, you should take photos of the scene and your injury.


    Please keep a record of what happened: It is vital to note what happened and record all expenses you have to spend due to your injuries, such as receipt or invoice.

    Injuries while working for a local authority

    It is widespread to read about members of the public claiming compensation from the local council rather than employees. It is also effortless to forget that council/local authorities have a responsibility of care not only to the general public but also to their employees. Firstly, if you want to make a claim, you must get in touch with a trained legal adviser for free or request a call back by filling in your contact details. They will be able to tell you whether you have a claim or not.

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